Samsung Galaxy Fold: There Might Be Bad News For Smaller Markets

The Samsung Galaxy Fold appears to be close to a relaunch but the wait for smaller markets may turn out to be a lot longer. A report reveals that the release of the first Galaxy Fold phones will only include the US, the UK, South Korea, France, India and Germany.

The information is said to come from firmware files for the units. Reports say the company was previously working on localized versions for several other markets. Some of those versions are no longer receiving updates, which suggests that the company may be focusing on those six markets first.

The Galaxy Fold was going to be released in the US on April 26 and early May in the UK. But that changed when early reviewers found issues with the foldable phone. The issues forced the company to cancel launch events and delay the phone so it could conduct more tests.

Relaunch Appears To Be Close

Since then, it has been reported that the Galaxy Fold will come later this year. Samsung does not have an exact date at the moment but reports say that the relaunch is getting closer.

For weeks, it’s been rumored that there will be more information on the foldable phone when the next Galaxy Note device is announced. Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event is exactly two weeks away. The wait has turned out to be longer than expected, so much that companies have decided to cancel pre-orders.

Best Buy and AT&T are the two companies that have cancelled pre-orders in recent weeks. Best Buy explained at the time that the cancellation was made over the lack of release date from the company. Days after the phone’s delay, Samsung mentioned that it would cancel pre-orders if the device did not deliver by the end of May and if the customer did not respond.

More Bad News?

The latest report isn’t good news for those who were waiting to have the phone once it is released, well for those outside of the six markets mentioned above.

The Galaxy Fold, which has a price of $1,980, is Samsung’s first foldable phone. The device is one of three foldable phones that have been announced over the last year. But two of them are off to a slow start.

The Galaxy Fold and Mate X are the two that are still waiting for a release date. The Mate X was scheduled to be released some time after the Galaxy Fold but Huawei decided to pull back and make sure everything was perfect before the release.

Only One Available

The only foldable phone available at the moment is Royole’s FlexPai phone. The device made headlines last year when the company came out of nowhere to announce the foldable phone. No one knew much about Royole but the company shocked the world by becoming the very first to make a foldable phone announcement. The unveiling came at a time in which Samsung and Huawei were in the mix to be the first with a foldable phone.

The Royole FlexPai phone recently made an appearance in a video posted on YouTube by tech reviewer Marques Brownlee. In the video, he talks more about the good aspects and the things that could become a problem for the phone after heavy usage.