Thriving in College | Business Ideas for Students

With the rising costs of accommodation and tuition, it takes money to have fun in college. However, with classes scattered throughout the day and night, how can students get part-time jobs to supplement their incomes? The more effective way to make money as you continue with your studies is to start your own business. The venture should be something that fits your skills and limited time. Furthermore, you could grow your business into a serious entrepreneurial project after college or you could take it as an opportunity to enhance your skills. Here are some ideas for business that require low capital, which you can start while in college.

Cleaning Services

Cleaning and delivery services are businesses that don’t require much training and investment. So many students who miss having their home maids and parents clean their rooms and clothes. If you don’t mind such tasks, this can be an opportunity to make some impressive cash. The cost of getting started is also very low and could consist of a business license and cleaning supplies. Once you have established a consistent customer base, you can then consider hiring cleaners. The opportunities for expansion are impressive.

Photography Services

If you have a passion for taking pictures, why not turn it into a paying venture. Of course, you will need to invest in a good camera and other equipment. The demand for great pictures is always high, particularly with the recent surge in the popularity of social networking platforms. Here are some great pointers:

  • Take amazing pictures and post them on Facebook and other social media sites;
  • Let your followers know that your services are available for hire;
  • Prioritize the production of content;
  • Keep improving your photography skills and your equipment.

On-Campus Delivery Services

There are thousands of established delivery services that can distribute food, packages, and gifts around cities. What may be lacking, however, are services that deliver across campus. A group of students may need drinks or food delivered to a party, or a professor may need a suit delivered from dry cleaning. Providing such services not only conveniences your clients, but also allows you to make significant money. You may only need a bike and a strong bag.

Language Transcription Services

If you are in a university or college abroad where students speak different languages, and you have a good understanding of the native language and your home language, you can establish a transcription service. This involves setting up a website where other students can send documents in one language, which you then translate into another.

Assignment Writing Services

The truth is that most students do not like researching and drafting assignments. If you are particularly good in your field, you should consider working as an essay writer for others, at a fee. With time, you can expand your services by starting a website and hiring other researchers to handle the flow of orders. You need to be careful, however, since some colleges have policies against helping other students to complete assignments.

Senior Companion Service

It is highly likely that there are seniors living around your campus. By advertising about your companionship services to the local community, you can get paid to hang out with the older members of society and the afternoons or evenings. Your work may include running chores for them.

Baby and Pet Sitting Services

There will always be people who want their children and pets looked after. If you have some free time on your hands, you can make serious money walking and sitting pets and taking care of children. You should organize your gigs such that they are in line with your schedule and so that you do not miss classes. Only consider working as a nanny or babysitter if you are good with kids. There are babysitting websites online that make it easy and simple to promote your services to busy parents. Certain colleges also offer career listing sites, where students can get connected to nannying and babysitting opportunities. However, the most ideal way to pick up gigs is through trusted referrals.

College is demanding, but running a business is harder. Although the returns can be satisfying, you need careful planning and sacrifice. Be consistent and don’t shy away from the tough decisions. We wish you the best.