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Alcohol Challenge: How to Overcome Addiction on Your Own

In every corner of the world, there is access to alcohol, both legally or illegally. According to official statistics, around half of the planet population drink alcohol beverages. Besides, in the most spread reasons for death, alcohol consumption gives way only to high blood pressure and smoking.

Every person with the habit of drinking booze has at least once thought if the amount of consumed alcohol is within acceptable boundaries. Besides, it is essential to consider how to stop drinking on your own before asking for professional help if quitting alcohol has turned out to be a complicated task for you.

First Step is the Problem Identification

Lots of people start consuming booze starting from 16-18 years. High school and college times are challenging for future grownups. Later, partying gives way to everyday routines and work. It is the habit for many people to reward themselves with a glass of wine, a bottle of beer or a tasty cocktail on Friday night and during the weekend.

How to identify if a person has got a drinking problem and should think of how to stop drinking? There are several reasons to start worrying:

  • Friends and relatives have started to make remarks about excess consumption of spirits.
  • A person starts drinking on one’s own.
  • Drinking has become an integral part of relaxation, socialization, and routines.
  • A person does not remember what has happened the night before.

Undoubtedly, it is not easy to confess to yourself about having a problem with alcohol abuse. It is even harder to confess to the people around. Thus, it is better to think of how to stop drinking on your own.


The Moves to Do to Overcome Drinking Problem

  1. Honestly, admit that alcohol abuse is an existing problem in your life. There is no need to analyze why this is you who have faced this challenge. The only and undeniable condition – you should be completely honest to yourself. Whenever such a decision is made under social pressure, you are very likely to lose control and start drinking again, even heavier.
  2. Ask your closest and dearest friend or relative to support you whenever you feel it has become hard for you to resist. Besides, the person you have trusted may need to check on you regularly so that not to miss the relapse.
  3. Entertain in other ways except for drinking: interesting hobbies, sports, bright and colorful social life. It is significant to live life to the fullest so that there is no need to fill the emptiness with booze.
  4. Undergo medical research and find out if alcohol has already harmed your body. It is important to understand the problem to the full extent, as well as take care of your health. Besides, the care for own health and well-being will become an additional motivation to quit drinking.

If you are already thinking of how to quit drinking without AA, this is a very positive sign – you are understanding the problem. This first step is the most significant, as well as the hardest to make. Remember that life is full of joy and happiness, and spirits may interfere with the proper perception of reality. Live sober and you will see how captivating the world is.

Andy Debolt
Andy is a graduate of the University of Minnesota with a Bachelors Degree in Journalism. When he isn't writing Andy enjoys water sports and spending time on the golf course.


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