Apex Legends Makers Facing Backlash For Iron Crown Loot Boxes

Respawn and EA have kicked off the Iron Crown Collection Event to introduce the limited time solo mode to Apex Legends. The announcement of the event brought some attention back to the battle royale game, which had featured three-player squads since its release back in February.

The event is now underway but not everything has gone the way players wanted. The Iron Crown event has brought some loot boxes along and those who wish to have all the skins and items shown in the Iron Crown section of the shop will have to spend a lot of money.

The loot box system of Apex has been around since the game’s release. But some players are not happy with the idea of having more loot boxes and having to spend a lot of money for a chance to unlock one of the epic or legendary skins.

The event has brought back many players who had moved on or were barely playing the game. But playing and completing the challenges for the event will only earn a total of two Apex packs. After that, players have to spend some money if they want to get the rest of the items they did not unlock through their free packs.

The packs for this event are currently being sold for 700 Apex Coins, which is $7. Each pack brings a total of three items. There are no duplicates on Apex but the event is featuring a total of 24 new items, which means players have to buy several packs to unlock everything seen there.

Many players have taken reddit to criticize the game for its loot box system. Some mentioned that the packs are too expensive while others criticized the game for having just two free packs through the completion of challenges.

Others pointed out that EA and Respawn made really cool skins and items for the event but the items seen in the Battle Pass are nowhere near as good. The game’s Battle Pass system has been around since mid Season 1 but it has also been surrounded by criticism. During its release, the Battle Pass was heavily criticized for not having a ton of content. Season 2 has brought a new Battle Pass with several unlocks and it appears that things are going much better this time.

The Iron Crown Collection Event launched on August 13 and will end on August 27. The event not only brings the new cosmetics but also a limited time solo mode, which had been heavily requested for months.

Respawn and EA have confirmed that the solo game mode will be a limited time thing. But a Respawn representative has said on reddit that the game mode is being placed in the game to see what kind of feedback they get. The comments suggest that the solo game mode might be brought back if players show a positive response.

Apex Legends launched back in February with just three-player squads. The battle royale video game continued with that game mode for around six months. It is currently unknown if Respawn and EA are planning to bring the other options to the game such as four-player squads and duos, game modes that are common in other battle royale games.

What do you think about the new Apex Legends event? Have you purchased any packs? Have you unlocked the free packs? Let us know in the comments.


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