Canada: Damaged Rowboat Sparks New Lead In Manhunt

Canadian authorities are sending a search team to find out more about a rowboat that was discovered near the town of Gillam. Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky are suspects in the murder of a tourist couple and a citizen.

Detectives believe the rowboat may have been used by the two. The boat was seen on Friday on the Nelson river near Gillam, the town where most of the search has taken place. A police official told the Globe that the boat went through some rapids and was damaged.

Authorities have not confirmed if the boat was really used by them to escape the area. The official did say that authorities will be searching the area where the boat was found. The search was scheduled to begin on Sunday. Reports say a team of divers will be searching part of the river where the boat was found.

Authorities have been searching for the two for weeks. A manhunt has taken place in several areas, including the town. The search began shortly after the discovery of two bodies near a highway. The tourists had been shot to death.

Days later, authorities found another body, which was also near a highway. A manhunt has taken place since and authorities have mainly visited those areas after reports of sightings.

The discovery of the rowboat comes just days after authorities revealed that they were let go at a checkpoint. According to authorities, the two were stopped at a checkpoint after being followed.

The vehicle was searched but nothing was found. Reports say those who searched the vehicle spotted maps and camping equipment. At the time, authorities did not have them as murder suspects.

After the stop, authorities believe the teenagers continued driving and then crashed. The vehicle they were driving was set on fire. On Tuesday, authorities were searching in Manitoba, where two people matching their description were spotted. They later announced they were leaving the area since nothing was found.

The RCMP recently revealed that investigators have received more than 260 tips in just seven days. Authorities have been using dogs, helicopters, and drones for the search.

The two men have been on the run for nearly three weeks. The damaged rowboat provides a new lead in the manhunt, which has spread across several areas.

It is unclear where the two went after leaving the vehicle but the search has taken place in dangerous terrains. The town of Gillam has some remote areas that some experts believe could have already stopped the two.

Sherman Kong, who runs a survival company in Winnipeg, believes the two could have already died while trying to avoid authorities. Mr. Kong says the terrain in that town is inhabited by insects and bears. He believes the two could have already died from injuries, animal attacks or dehydration.

Mr. Kong doesn’t rule out that the pair is still out there though. He says people without any training can survive in the wilderness, especially if they are trying to avoid being arrested by police.

Dave MacDonald, who founded the International Canadian School of Survival, told the John Oakley Show that the possibility they are alive is there. He went on to say that he thinks there is a 90 percent chance they are still alive.

The survival expert does point out that surviving in the area is quite challenging due to the heat during the day and the cold at night.