Canada Manhunt: Authorities Find Items Linked to the Two Suspects

Canadian authorities have found ”several items directly linked” to the two murder suspects who have been on the run for nearly three weeks. Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky are suspected of being behind the murders of a tourist couple and a Canadian university teacher.

There have been no confirmed sightings of the two since July 22. The latest details on the manhunt come after the RCMP sent dive teams on Sunday. The dive teams were brought to the area after a damaged rowboat was found. The search by the dive teams ended up with no evidence found.

The evidence was found on the banks of the Nelson River, which is 5 miles from the town of Gillam, where most of the search has taken place. The town was the center of a massive search last week before authorities announced they had found nothing and that they would be reducing presence.

Authorities have not revealed any details on the evidence that was found. But this will likely bring authorities back to that area. The two were first reported as missing on July 19 after their pickup truck was found on fire. The vehicle was found just one mile from where the body of the university teacher was discovered.

A few days after the discoveries, police said it was considering the two as suspects. The burned vehicle was found near the town of Gillam. The discovery brought police to that area but the search continued in other places as nothing was found.

Authorities have said there have been a number of sighting reports. A few days back, it was confirmed by authorities that the two had been stopped at a checkpoint. Nothing was found during the search but those who stopped the two teenagers reportedly saw maps and camping equipment.

The stop happened when the two were not being considered as murder suspects. After the search, authorities believe they continued driving and then crashed. The vehicle they were in was set on fire. Early last week, the majority of the search took place in Manitoba, where two people matching their description were seen.

The two were charged with the murder of the university teacher on July 24. They are also believed to be behind the murders of a tourist couple from Australia and the US.

The search has spread across the dangerous terrains of Gillam and nearby areas. There are no confirmed sightings of the pair since July 22, sparking the discussion from survival experts that things may have gone wrong for them along the way.

At least two survival experts have spoken on the case, with one saying that they may already be dead because of the dangers they face in that area. The survival expert pointed out that there are many insects and bears in that place. He also didn’t rule out that they may still be out there since he says people without training can sometimes survive, especially if they are trying not to get captured.

Another survival expert also pointed out that there are many dangers in the area where the search has taken place. But he said there was a high chance of them being alive. He added that surviving there is challenging due to the extreme weather that brings heat during the day and cold at night.

One of the most recent searches took place in Sundance, Manitoba, where a roadblock was set up nearby. It is unclear what prompted the search to turn to that area.