Game of Thrones Finale Script Gives More On Drogon’s Iron Throne Scene

Warning: GoT Season 8 spoilers ahead.

Game of Thrones ended a few weeks back but there are still plenty of questions surrounding that one scene with Drogon, Dany and Jon. Dany’s remaining dragon was only seen in the last episode for a few minutes and the last thing he did left many wondering what he was thinking all along.

Seconds before everything happened with Drogon, Jon met with Dany and he decided to put an end to it all. Dany was killed and Drogon came by to see what happened. After confirming that she was dead, he turned his attention to the Iron Throne and set fire to it.

Nothing was left of the Iron Throne and Drogon then picks up her body and flies away. That is the last time we see Dany and Drogon. But what about the Iron Throne? Was he really upset that the throne was what got her killed? Did he understand that what she fought for all ended with her getting eliminated? Fans thought Drogon knew about the Iron Throne and Dany’s quest to take power but it appears that his actions were just about anger.

The Script Says..

The throne just happened to be standing in front of Drogon when he confirms that she is really dead. According to everything seen in the script, he is really making no connection between Dany and the throne. He just finds out she is dead and goes off on the throne, leaving nothing.

The script reads that the fire sweeps towards the throne, not the target of his wrath. It then adds that it is just a dumb bystander caught up in the conflagration.

This pretty much confirms that Drogon was not thinking about the throne, just taking his anger out on whatever was in front of him. Jon was also standing close and many of us initially thought that would be the end for him. But it was the Iron Throne that got roasted instead.

Season 8: Criticism, Petition and More

There was a lot of hype surrounding Season 8 since it was known that there was only a few episodes left and everyone wanted to see who would sit on the Iron Throne. But the season ran into some criticism early on, especially with the episode involving the Night King.

The series continued to get criticized over the next few weeks. There was so much criticism that one fan posted a petition asking HBO to remake the final season with different writers. The petition went on to get many signatures but a remake has been ruled out.

There is still a ton of unanswered questions surrounding Season 8 but fans now know that Drogon was just taking out his anger on something. It would be interesting to know where he went to after the scene since he is just briefly mentioned once at the end of the episode.

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