Huawei: No Plans To Have Harmony OS In Smartphones This Year

Huawei has announced an alternative to Android but the Chinese giant does not plan to use it this year. Harmony OS, announced just a few days ago, could be the future of Huawei smartphones but those wanting to see the operating system will have to wait longer.

Huawei is planning to stick to Android for now, despite the dispute that nearly left its phones without the popular operating system. The comments come from Huawei Senior VP Vincent Yang, who said during an event held in New York on Wednesday that they want to maintain one standard, one ecosystem.

Harmony OS was recently announced but many see the new operating system as a backup if things were to go the wrong direction with Android. Google’s popular OS has been part of Huawei phones for years but the recent dispute with the US government could leave the Chinese company without access to Android, which offers Google services such as Gmail and Maps.

Things appear to be going in the right direction for Huawei at the moment. On Monday, the US Commerce Department gave the company a 90-day extension on a license that allows them to do business with US companies.

Huawei is not the first to create an alternate OS, a few other smartphone companies already have one. Some companies use them for other devices such as tablets and smartwatches. Huawei sells many other products so there is always the chance that the OS could first arrive to a smartwatch or tablet.

Yang has said he expects to launch a smartwatch powered by the company’s new OS. There is also a rumor that the company will soon unveil a TV with the new operating system.

The Huawei official also hinted at an upcoming smartphone. The device is rumored to be a new version of the Mate series. He confirmed that the unknown device would be powered by Android, ending rumors that the company will soon bring its new OS to smartphones.

Yang spoke about the current situation, saying it was unlikely that Huawei would launch a smartphone powered by its new OS. The company has three more months on its license but reports say it could be ready for its new OS if a ban were to happen.

Huawei’s new OS would bring big changes for its smartphones. It is not a surprise to hear the comments from the Huawei official since the OS is just getting started. Like mentioned above, the OS could begin making its introduction to smartwatches, tablets and other products such as televisions.

The new OS would also mean no Google services on the smartphones. This would convince quite a few people to look for other options that do offer the services, which include Gmail, Google Maps and Play Store, which is what many Android users visit to download apps.

Huawei has big plans for the rest of the year. A new version of the Mate smartphone is rumored to be in the plans while its foldable phone, the Mate X, is expected to be released some time between September and November.