Huawei Is Working On Mapping Tech, Report Says

Chinese tech giant Huawei is working on a mapping service, according to a report from China Daily. The information has brought rumors that the company is looking to compete against another giant, Google, which has its popular Maps service.

The two services might end up competing against each other but in a different way. Huawei’s service is rumored to be for software developers, allowing it to be used for other apps such as ride sharing services or other apps that plan to use the mapping service without having to come up with their own.

There are little details on the rumored mapping service but a company executive told the news outlet that the service, which is known as Map Kit, will allow the developers to have a navigation system and other big features such as traffic conditions. Questions remain about the mapping tech since the executive did not give much details on it.

One of the biggest mapping services is from Google, which is behind the Maps app. The web mapping service has been around since 2005 and is used in many parts of the world. The app has improved throughout the years, allowing users to see photos of the streets, real-time traffic conditions and the best routes when it comes to vehicles, public transportation or by foot.

The report from China Daily gives some information on where the company is probably going with it. According to the news outlet, the company will connect its service with local mapping services. A source also told the news outlet that the company will be partnering with an internet service giant from Russia that also works on mapping services.

Huawei’s plan to compete in the mapping services category will likely require big moves from the company since there are a few giants out there, including Google Maps.

Back in July 2018, survey data from The Manifest revealed that Google Maps is almost six times more popular than other navigation apps. In early 2018, a report also revealed that Google Maps and Waze, which is owned by Google, were among the top two most used mapping apps in the United States. Apple Maps was in third place with 23.3 million monthly users.

The report comes just weeks after the US restrictions on Huawei. The dispute brought doubts on the continuation of Android services on Huawei devices. At one point, it was rumored that the phones would be losing the operating system but a bit of good news later came when it was announced that Android would continue.

Earlier this month, the company did unveil its own operating system called Harmony OS. During the announcement, the company confirmed that it would stick to Android for the moment.

Huawei CEO Richard Yu said at the time that more than 4,000 Huawei developers have been working on the operating system. During the event, the CEO also said that it would be difficult for the company to meet its goal to become the world’s largest smartphone maker by shipments due to what was going on with the US.