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How to Overcome the Fear of Driving

Top 4 Reasons Why People Are Afraid Of Driving A Car:

  • Fear of accidents

  • Fear of looking stupid or funny

  • Fear of not coping with a situation

  • Past experience

Statistics shows that a large number of people who have completed driving courses don’t become drivers. And the reason for this is the fear of driving.

Here Are Some Tips On Overcoming That Fear.

1. Be aware of responsibility before you drive. Car or any other vehicle isn’t a game, you are responsible for your life and your passengers.

2. Ask experienced drivers questions. The worst question is the unasked question.

3. It’s better to be in the car next to an experienced driver. It can be anyone.

4. When you drive, leave all personal and other problems at home. It’s better to keep your mind on the driving process.

5. Buy a city map and mark the places you need, mark your most frequent routes on it.

6. Try to drive alone on weekends in the suburbs, it is better in the morning, when everyone is asleep and there is no one on the road. You can ask a friend to drive with you. For example, he is driving in front, and you are behind in your car.

7. Do not just learn the rules of the road, but make sense of them and follow the rules.

8. In the car it is better to turn off the phone, music, close the windows and do everything so that nothing distracts you from driving.

9. Do not be afraid of traffic jams. This is the best teacher. Immediately you begin to calculate the distance, how to brake properly, how to get underway and not die.

10. The most important thing is not to be distracted by extraneous signals or noises and criticism of other drivers.

11. In the parking area choose a place to park in front and make sure there is enough space for your car.

12. If it’s still scary, then start by simply sitting in the car. To get used to it and adapt. You can say out loud all the movements that need to be done in different situations.

Ask yourself honestly the question: if you’re scared, maybe you shouldn’t force yourself? You will have to drive by yourself and be responsible for everything that will happen on the road with your participation. Therefore, decide for yourself: maybe it’s worth hiring a driver or taking a taxi, or do you decide to drive yourself? The choice is yours. If your in Los Angeles it’s as easy as contacting an lax car service.

Fear is a sense of self-preservation. Do not think about what others will say about you. Leave other people’s opinions to strangers. Everyone once started from scratch and made the same mistakes.

If you are parents and are worried about your child on the road, then you can always find out where he is with various applications, such as snapchat spy. Since many people now use social networks and like to lay out their location, you can easily find out where on the road your child is, what is happening there and whether there is an emergency. You can have access to GPS location at any time. You can view GPS coordinates, address and location time.

Also, Experienced Drivers Give Advice Such As 3 Steps How To Overcome Your Fear

Step 1: Find a mentor or a good instructor and drive a car as much as you need. It is better if this person is a positive-minded stranger.

Step 2: You need to practice more often. The more you practice, the less is fear. As often as possible, even without a special need. Also, you need to understand in detail the rules of the road.

Step 3: Use visualization and create routes. Before you go somewhere, you need to know more about the route, signs and traffic situation in your city.

Sometimes you just need to meet with your fear face to face. Overcoming your fears only happens when you start doing what scares you. That is called explosion psychology.

Don’t stay too long in your comfort zone. If you never get out of it’ll become a lot harder to improve. Imagine yourself driving in situations, that scare you, but feeling calm, comfortable and enjoying it. Then the only thing that is left is doing it for real.

Don’t be afraid: success is the result of a series of ups and downs of learning from multiple failures. As the Japanese proverb says: If you fall 7 times, get up 8 times. So here is an invitation to face your fear:

I know that your fear is strong, but so are you!

Andy Debolt
Andy is a graduate of the University of Minnesota with a Bachelors Degree in Journalism. When he isn't writing Andy enjoys water sports and spending time on the golf course.


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