Respawn Entertainment CEO Apologizes For Devs Comments

Respawn Entertainment CEO Vince Zampella has taken Twitter to apologize for the comments made during a heated discussion between Apex Legends players and developers.

Just a week ago, the battle royale game launched an event known as Iron Crown Collection. The event, which was announced a few days before its launch, sounded very promising for players since it was confirmed that it would introduce solo mode, a heavily requested mode by the community.

Solo was added with no problems but the community got a little upset with what they found in the event shop. The battle royale game introduced a cool new item for the Bloodhound legend as well as 24 other items that can be unlocked through Apex packs.

The game developer and publisher were criticized by some of the community on reddit and social media for the price of the cosmetics. The 24 items plus the exclusive item for the Bloodhound legend were locked behind Apex packs.

The event allows the player to earn two Apex packs but many are needed to unlock everything. People calculated that it takes over $100 for players to unlock the 24 items that are part of the event. The exclusive item for the Bloodhound legend is not unlocked after having the 24 other items. The game gives players the option to buy the item after unlocking the 24, which means they have to spend even more money.

Reddit and social media were flooded with comments and criticism from some of the community. A few days later, Apex Legends developers got on to explain the situation but the discussion turned a little heated, with some of the community and developers throwing insults.

On Monday, the CEO took Twitter to apologize, saying that things got to a pretty bad place. He noted that members of the company got some toxic and nasty comments, adding that he supports his employees when that happens.

Apex Legends, released back in February, has been a big success for Respawn and EA. The battle royale game managed to have numbers similar to Fortnite and while they have decreased, Apex Legends continues to be among the most popular battle royale titles out there.

The Apex Legends controversy comes as loot boxes are in the radar of governments. In China, reports say the government is considering the idea of changing loot boxes to have exact drop rates and a limit on how many can be purchased every day. Last year, the Netherlands and Belgium decided to ban them.

Respawn’s Apex Legends offers Apex Packs, which can be bought with real money. The packs show the odds of epic and legendary items, which are the items that the players try to get.

The Iron Crown Collection Event, which launched on August 13, introduces more Apex Packs that contain the 24 items. The packs do not include duplicates but several are needed to complete the collection. A pack is being sold for 700 Apex Coins, which equals to $7.

An update on the event posted on EA’s website reveals that starting today, the Legendary items will be available on the store. The items will be rotated and they will be available until the event ends on August 27. Players also have the option to continue buying the Apex packs.

The update also mentions that for future collection events, they will provide more ways to get items than just purchasing packs. Here is all of the information given by the EA website: