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Tips on how to sleep well with a hectic work life

Sleep issues is already a common problem to those people who have a hectic work life. There are different types of sleeping problems, and one of the most common of it is insomnia. It is a sleep disorder that would commonly occur to people who have a lack of sleep due to overthinking and using gadgets before going to bed. It could also be a cause of having a busy schedule at work and inappropriate diet with a high level of caffeine.

Those people who have a hectic work life are usually considered as the workaholic people. These type of people barely sleep, leading them to suffer from insomnia. Aside from Insomnia and your busy schedule, there are also some other things that are making you uncomfortable whenever you’re going to sleep. This could be your bed, room setup or your surrounds. However, in this article, there will be some particular tips that will be discussed to help you to have a good night sleep every night despite the hectic work life you have.

Here are some tips on how to sleep well with a hectic work life

  • Fix or upgrade your platform bed if it is already uncomfortable – An old platform bed can be very uncomfortable and a bit noisy whenever you change a sleeping position, and that’s probably one of the reasons why you can’t sleep. To have a peaceful and comfy sleep every night, try to observe you bed whenever you lay on it. If it is already uncomfortable, and squeaky, then it is time to fix or upgrade your bed. By Upgrading your bed won’t be a lot of job to do or need any hammer and nails, you only need to add a metal bed frame on it. This will add more quality on your bed and reduce the squeaky noises that your platform bed is making. Its purpose is also to lift up your platform bed to make its top even to place your mattress well-balanced. In this way you’ll be able to fall asleep by the time you lay on your platform bed.

You can also get an adjustable bed frame for your platform bed aside from a metal one. Since you don’t have enough time to place a metal bed frame because most of your time is spent on working, an adjustable one will be the easiest bed frame you can get to save more time on fixing your platform bed. With this kind of option, you’ll be able to manage your time, and you’ll be able to rest earlier than usual, because you don’t have to spend a lot of time fixing your bed before going to sleep.

  • Change your bedroom’s temperature – it was stated on a site named WebMD that sleeping in a cold temperature will help you to sleep a lot faster than usual. Though don’t make your bedroom into a freezer, because it might cause you to have sleep paralysis. The ideal temperature for your bedroom is 68 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Your brain must have a goal temperature to reach, and when it’s warm or too hot, your brain would have a difficult time to reach its ideal goal temperature, which causes you to move a lot whenever it’s hot. However, when your bedroom is cold, it will be easier for your bed to reach its ideal goal temperature, which makes you to think to fall asleep faster than the usual.
  • Drink hot milk or hot tea before going to bed – we wrote it very specifically, drink a hot MILK or TEA. This means that, indulging in a hot drink before going to sleep can help you sleep faster. However, having a hot coffee 3 hours before going to sleep might worsen your insomnia (which is already a well-known fact). We already know that caffeine is not a good thing at night when you’re trying to sleep early and continuously, it’s much better to replace coffee with milk or tea. The explanation for this is that, most of some sleeping teas has sleeping herbs and chamomile that help you calm and relaxed when it’s already evening. We know it is difficult for a workaholic person not to have a coffee at night, but if you want to have complete your tasks at work, then sleeping is a must and minimizing your coffee, especially at night is also a must.
    • Change your old mattress – Aside from upgrading your platform bed, you should also replace your old mattress. There’s no way you can still fix or upgrade your old mattress that’s why it is more practical to get a new one, such as an organic mattress. Compared to the usual mattresses you find on the market, this one is different because it is mostly made with natural materials that are all eco-friendly and non-toxic, which is also a safer mattress for you to have. Aside from that, this type of mattress has a good quality that you can experience for a long period of time.

  • Fix your room setup – a good sleep will also depend on your room set up. If you’re the type of person that likes to have some colorful or warm colors on your walls and some other stuff on your bedroom, then that kind of setup will definitely worsen your sleep problems. A bedroom that has a warm or neon walls or decoration will stagnate a peaceful and smooth vibe inside your bedroom. Always remember that once you work a lot during the day, that means that you usually spend more time on your bedroom during the night time. That’s the way it is important that you need to spend some time to set your room up with a refreshing and plain walls and with some vintage area rugs on your bedroom’s floor. This kind of setup will help you to have a peaceful and smooth vibe whenever you’re inside your bedroom at night and it can help you to fall asleep faster.
  • Avoid placing your gadgets near to you – It is already common for most people to place their gadgets on the table next to their beds. However, by doing this kind of habit, you will only cause yourself to be awake for the whole night. The reason for this is that, whenever you have your gadget near you, you will always get tempted to open it up for some random reason. Notifications will also interrupt your sleep, even if your phone is on silent mode. It will still make some little noise when it vibrates. It is already encoded on our minds that whenever our phone vibrates or make some small sounds, it means there’s a notification, and you’ll end up waking up late at night, opening your phone and checking the notification you got, which is another reason why you can’t have a peaceful and continuous sleep at night.
  • The darker the better – It is so much better to sleep at night with all your lights are turned off. You might not notice it, but yes, it does help you to sleep continuously. With all your lights are turned off, you’ll be able to sleep without any interruptions. If you’re used to leaving your night light on, then you can also put a blind fold on your eyes to help you relax. That’s the purpose of dark surroundings when you sleep. It helps you calm and it gives some relaxation which usually create sleepy vibes. Aside from the dark, it is also helpful to sleep faster when there’s no noise outside your house. That’s why it is a must to find a peaceful place before settling your career or vice versa. In this kind of context during your sleeping hours, you’ll be able to increase your energy, and at the same time, you can also get rid of any sleeping problems you have.

By choosing the best home products for your bedroom, you will be able to have a deeper and continuous sleep every night. You can also avoid any sleeping problems by trying to remember those healthy tips mentioned above. A hectic work life has never been a hindrance to have a healthy sleep and to have more regaining your strength. It is only a matter of our choices and daily life practices.

Those tips that are written above are the things that you can practice without any extra struggle. Those tips can also give you some ideas on how to upgrade some of your things at home, especially your bedroom. Being a workaholic person doesn’t mean you have to forget yourself by not having enough and comfortable sleep. It is always important to remember that by having a comfortable and continuous sleep, you will be able to have a good performance at work. Sleeping plays a vital role in our daily life activities, which is a reason why we should try to do some efforts when it comes to our sleeping hours.



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