Chile: Authorities Arrest Second Suspect of Puente Alto Shooting

Chilean authorities have detained a man who was believed to be involved in the shooting that took place at a small casino in the commune of Puente Alto.

On Thursday, authorities detained Rodrigo Castro, who authorities believe participated in the shooting that left five people dead. The incident happened on August 8 and authorities had been searching for the suspects ever since.

Local media reports that the suspect was living in houses of friends and people he knew to avoid police. According to reports, the suspect was already wanted for other crimes in previous years.

Suspect Was Wanted For Other Crimes

One official described the suspect as highly dangerous, adding that authorities had five arrest orders for three crimes he had committed before. Authorities say the crimes he has committed are three homicides, including the one last month. They also say he had two other homicide attempts in August and September 2019.

Authorities added that his most recent crime took place on September 9 in El Monte. Another official said the suspect committed three crimes that day, including attempted homicide and shooting on a road.

The latest incident took place during a discussion between people in the place where he was hiding. Local media reports that the suspect brought a weapon out and began shooting at the neighbors. One person was seriously injured during the incident.

Second Arrest On Thursday

He fled the area after the incident but was arrested by authorities in the commune of Renca. It is the second arrest that authorities make over the Puente Alto shooting. Last week, authorities arrested the man who they believe was the one who started it. He was arrested near the place where the shooting happened.

The Puente Alto shooting is one of the deadliest incidents in Chile in recent years. The shooting took place as several people were playing on slot machines. A video taken by a camera inside the building shows people playing when some start running.

A different video shows what appears to be one of the men shooting inside the room. The suspects fled but authorities quickly launched an investigation. At the time, local media reported that authorities were investigating to see if the incident was between rival gangs.

Suspects Arrested a Month Later

One official explained that some of the people who attempted to escape ran towards the area of the shooting. A few hours after the shooting, a district attorney confirmed that authorities had identified one of the suspects. The first arrest was made earlier this month while the second one happened just a few hours ago.

Authorities have not confirmed if the incident was a dispute between rival gangs. It is currently unknown if authorities are searching for other people. Local media interviewed several residents and some said that the area was getting dangerous and that they usually went inside their homes early. Others said they knew the people that were killed in the shooting.