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EA’s Most Downvoted Reddit Comment Now Has a Record

The Guinness World Records has a ton of records that have been set by people over the years. Having a record is a good thing for most companies and people. But EA now has a record that it probably doesn’t like having.

The 2020 edition of the book will include a record set by the company on the website reddit. The record is for having the most downvoted comment on the website. Downvotes are used by users on the website to disagree or show what they think about the post.

The record setting comment was made in a post about the Star Wars Battlefront 2 controversy. Back during the game’s release, the company was heavily criticized over the progression system it used. The controversy went on for days and people didn’t like what the company had to say on reddit.

It all began when a user made a post complaining about the money he had spent on the game just to have a popular character locked. The post mentioned that the company would be contacted for a refund.

The EA Community account responded to the post and was immediately hit with a lot of downvotes. The comment reached -667,825 in 12 months, setting a record for the worst rated comment on the website.

EA is among the gaming companies that have been criticized over the years for their lack of content in video games or the system it uses to lock characters and introduce loot boxes, which have been under the radar of many governments in recent years.

Several of EA’s titles, including FIFA and Madden, have been criticized for their lack of big changes over the years. FIFA’s popular Ultimate Team mode has drawn criticism for the packs that are sold for coins, which are earned by playing matches, or real money.

A popular battle royale game called Apex Legends was recently in the center of controversy. The game, which was published by EA, has been a massive success for both Respawn and EA. But last month, the companies behind the game were heavily criticized for the event that was introduced.

The event brought the much requested solos mode, adding something very popular from other battle royale games. But the event came alongside a number of cosmetics that were considered a bit too pricey by the community. The controversy grew after people calculated that it took more than $100 to unlock everything offered during the event.

The complaints popped up on social media and websites such as reddit. In the page, several people made posts and discussed the good and bad about the event. Respawn later responded to the complaints and announced a few changes, including the addition of the exclusive skins to the store.

The response from the company was met with more criticism from users. The discussion got a little heated in one of the posts and some of Respawn’s devs had a few things to say about the community. Their comments against the community drew even more criticism. Respawn’s CEO later issued an apology for some of the comments made on reddit.



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