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How to Find Perfect Prescriptions Glasses For Your Face Shape?

Did you know that 70% of us need vision correction glasses to some extent? That’s right every 3 out of 4 need glasses. You might not know, but maybe you are one of them too. It makes total sense, especially when it is a fact that countless people are born with poor vision. Moreover, vision can get poor with time like working on a laptop, watching TV, with effects of age, and damage of focus flexibility.

For having 20/20 vision, a person should be able to recognize his friends across the road, spot stop sign from far, and read the sign from the other side of the street. Though there is a problem, many people do not want to wear prescription glasses as they think wearing them will have an impact on their overall personality. For this, they try to find a good pair of glasses which can be a challenging task. Do not worry, that is why we are here to help! In this article, we’ve mentioned some tips for you to choose perfect prescription glasses. To learn more about it, read till the end!

Common Issues When Buying Glasses

Wearing glasses not only can help you see clearly but also will affect your personality. It is the reason why it is important to choose the right pair that will good on you. But there are a few common difficulties people often face:

  • Prescription glasses can be very expensive

  • From where to buy?

  • Finding your desired style at a good price on time can be challenging

  • What style will compliment your face shape and complexion?

The Best Place to Buy Prescription Glasses

Finding the best prescription glasses at affordable rates is probably the most challenging task. Many people getdaunted by it and end up getting any glasses they think is okay. Do not make a mistake like most people and do not settle for just okay style. Firmoo.comhas the solution to all your problems, and they offer a unique and stunning style of prescription glasses for men, women, and kids. If you are bind by your budget, then it is a great chance to get your hands on amazing pair of glasses as there is up to 60% clearance sale going on the Firmoo website. Moreover, they have launched their fall 2019 glasses collection, make sure to check that out too to find your desired style.

How to Pick Style for Your Face Shape

You might have noticed that some glasses look attractive on display but not when you try them, it is because the frame style is not suitable for your face shape. Your Face shape matters ton and should be considered when you think of buying prescription glasses. Obviously, the goal is to get vision correction glasses while still looking great. Here are the seven main face shapes and the type of glass frames that look best on them:

  1. Oval Face Shape

Oval face shape is known to be ideal because of the balanced proportions. To keep the natural balance of face maintained choose the frame that is as broad as the widest part of the face.

  1. Heart-Shaped Face

A heart-shaped face is wide from top third and a narrow from bottom third. Therefore, to minimize the width of the top face, choose glasses that are broader at the bottom.

  1. Square Face Shape

This specific face shape has a wide forehead, a strong jaw, with length and width of roughly the same proportion. So, opt for narrow frames that are more wide than deep to make a face look longer and its angles softer.

  1. Oblong Face Shape

An oblong face skews more towards the longer side than it is wide. Choose frames that have more deep than they are broad to make an oblong face look balanced and shorter.

  1. Round Face Shape

A round face has width and length of the same proportion with no angles, and narrow angular frame will suit perfectly for particular face shape to make it look thinner and longer.

  1. Diamond Face Shape

Diamond-shaped faces have broader cheekbones with narrow jawline and forehead. To soften the cheekbones and highlight forehead, try a style that hasdetailing or unique brow lines.

  1. Base-Down Triangle

Wide from the cheek and chin area with a narrow forehead. For this type of face shape, try frames that are emphasized with color and detailing on the top half.

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