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How to Keep Newly Pierced Ears From Becoming Infected

Getting your ears pierced can be the start of an exciting new fashion adventure. It is often symbolic of a new phase of growth and maturity, and it can be exciting to take on the new responsibility. No matter how old you are when you get your ears pierced—baby, young child, teen, or adult—it can almost feel like a ceremony of sorts. It is a time to celebrate you and a way to mark a beginning or a special event. You may look forward to buying new earrings to match your wardrobe or even getting a gift box for earrings.

Even though there is so much buzz around the actual moment of piercing, and excitement about the fun new jewelry options, the most important part of the whole process is the aftercare. Being diligent about caring for your new piercings will help you avoid painful irritation or infection that could lead to scarring. Sometimes, an infection will get bad enough that you have to remove the earring and let the hole close, but if you take the care of your piercing site seriously, you set yourself up to enjoy a lifetime of fabulous accessories.

Prevent Infection at the Start

Infection prevention begins with the selection of the right earrings for a fresh piercing. Some metals react poorly to bodily fluids and tissues, and earring posts containing nickel increase the likelihood of an allergic reaction or irritation. Unfortunately, many metals used in jewelry have at least a little bit of nickel mixed in because it helps make the metal more sturdy. When you choose the earrings for your first piercing, make sure you choose high-quality metals that are medical or implant-grade and certified as nickel-free.

Choosing a piercing professional with the most stringent sterilization standards is essential. Do not be shy about asking questions to ensure that the tools used to perform the piercing are sterile, and the procedure is performed in a clean environment. Make sure you see that the piercer has washed their hands, is wearing a fresh pair of gloves, and takes their tools out of sealed packaging or sterile containers.

Aftercare Cleaning

The first six weeks after the piercing are the most sensitive, and a good aftercare routine is crucial. Wash the site 2-3 times a day with saline solution, antibacterial soap, or aftercare wash. Using a spray is the most effective method, but a q-tip or cotton swab soaked with the cleaning solution also works. Before you wash the piercing, wash your hands thoroughly. When you are finished, rotate your earrings 360-degrees to prevent scarring from forming around the post. Only do this when your ears are wet, after you have washed your earlobes, and with clean hands. It helps to incorporate this into another established routine like brushing your teeth.

Prevent Irritation and Injury

Irritation slows the healing process, which can lead to infection. Keep the earlobes free of lotion, soap, hairspray, and other hair products. It is a good idea to clean the site with your aftercare solution after bathing or showering, to make sure there are no traces of shampoo or conditioner left. Avoid swimming and prolonged exposure to water for about 3-4 weeks. This prevents irritation from chlorine, and infection from water-borne bacteria. Additionally, try not to sleep with your head resting on your ears, as that can irritate the piercing.

Be cautious when brushing your hair, and keep it pulled back with a headband or in a ponytail to prevent it from getting tangled in the earring. Earrings can also get caught on blankets, scarves, and bulky sweaters. Finally, be careful when participating in sports or other physical activities.

Keep Your Piercing Healthy After the Aftercare

After six weeks of caring for your piercing and keeping it clean, you can finally change out your first earrings and start trying new styles. It is recommended that you wear earrings consistently for a year after your piercing to prevent it from closing. High-quality earrings for sensitive ears, made with hypo-allergenic posts are the ideal option for taking care of your piercing after the initial six weeks. An earring gift box subscription is the perfect way to keep your fashion fresh and fun while you continue to take good care of your piercing.

Rowan offers a monthly subscription to earring gift boxes, to add variety to your style and keep you in supply with cute new earrings. A gift box for earrings can remind you of the special milestone of getting your ears pierced with the perfect accessory to match every outfit. When you order an earring gift box subscription from Rowan, you will look forward to the mail every month, with a new pair of hypoallergenic earrings, a special surprise, and a pretty card with some fun conversation starters.

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