Preparing for College Orientation | Essential Tips

The idea of joining college can be scary for most students. Even if you have done a great deal of research before selecting the college where you will be spending most of your time for the next few years, orientation is the very first time you get to really experience life as a freshman. The event is often highly exciting, but can also be overwhelming and intimidating for most students. It is the time when most learners realize that there is no turning back. The goal of orientation is to help you to get acquainted with the college, learn the school rules and policies, and take part in advising. Typically, there are sessions that last the whole day, before a fun activity in the evening where you get to interact with others. There will also be opportunities to learn about organizations and clubs within the campus. Keep an open mind and follow the tips highlighted in this article.

Dress Comfortably and Appropriately

Whether the orientation is to be conducted in one day or over the weekend, the sessions will be packed and back-to-back. There will be tours and informational sessions. In most cases, the process begins early in the morning and proceeds into late evenings. As such, make your dressing as comfortable as possible. This mostly applies to the shoes you choose. Also, remember to carry a jacket or sweatshirt. Don’t overlook the need to carry money for snacks or souvenirs. In terms of the clothes to wear, just make sure that it is comfortable and decent.

Adjust Your Attitude and Look Confident

Now that you in college, everyone is in the same boat. Don’t bother wasting your energy and finances showing off to others. If you are feeling stressed out and overwhelmed, you are certainly not alone. All other freshmen have no idea what it means to be in college. So, relax and go with the flow.

Most students also realize that the sheer amount of information being tossed around is overwhelming. Don’t shy away from taking notes of things you need to remember. Also, you won’t need to remember everything. The whole college experience will be a learning journey, where to will encounter new challenges and make friends on a daily basis. Before long, you will have a firm grasp of every corner of that campus. You will even be able to find professionals who can write essay for you.

Be Prepared Beforehand

The actual orientation day can be quite hectic. You will be given books, a map, and welcome guides. While there are colleges that offer some form of carrying bag, most do not. Come prepared with a backpack. You can also peruse through the college website for information on what else you need to carry. Also, it is possible that you will be asked to register for classes during orientation. So, do your research and carry any transcripts that the college has not yet received. If you have no clue regarding the classes that you need to take, don’t panic. There will be many academic advisors in attendance, and they can walk you through the process.

Prioritize Your Day Appropriately

There is often so much going on during the freshman orientation that you can leave you with serious migraines at the end. Students are presented with so much information and far too many things to do and see. To optimize your experience while making your orientation manageable and easier, start by researching the campus well before the D-day. Find out beforehand what has been planned for the bid day and select the events, informational sessions, or tours you wish to attend. There are some elements of the orientation that are mandatory, while others can be chosen by students who consider them important.

Don’t Overlook Those Ice-Breaker Games

Most college orientations offer games where students get to know each other. While they may seem cheesy or even silly, they offer a perfect opportunity to start conversations that could lead to lasting friendships. Loosen up and get into the campus spirit.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mingle

College can be brutal. Having some friends can help make the initial days easier, so try to meet new people. Just remember, everyone else is trying to make friends too. Don’t be shy — strike conversations. During the orientation, ask questions, lots of them. You should also take some pictures to remember this important day in your academic life.

The initial days of college life can be confusing and complex. Fortunately, orientations are created to make things easier. Use the opportunity to mingle and make friends.

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