WWE Has New Logos, Theme Songs and Graphics For Its Main Shows

WWE’s Raw and SmackDown shows will have a number of changes when the new season kicks off in a few days. The season premiere of WWE Raw will be on USA Network on Monday, September 30. WWE SmackDown will be making its debut on Fox on Friday, October 4. The blue brand moved to Tuesdays a while back but the show is moving again to Friday.

The season premieres will come with a number of changes for the two shows. The first noticeable change is the logos for each show. The WWE SmackDown logo has actually been out for a few days now. The previous logo was changed not too long ago but the company has turned to a more classic logo with a similar look to when the show first debuted.

The WWE Raw logo was recently spotted but there are less changes compared to the blue brand logo. WWE has not confirmed if this is the logo that will be used in the upcoming shows but many believe it is.

The new logos will also come with a change in graphics. The graphics include the colors of each brand but they have a different design. The theme songs are also getting a change, according to reports, so it appears that everything will be new when the season kicks off.

Different commentary teams as well as sets are also rumored for the two shows. WWE Raw and SmackDown have been around for years and have seen plenty of changes during their time.

The biggest change could come just a few days after the season premieres. It is rumored that the company will hold a draft on October 12 to create exclusive rosters for the two shows.

The draft is not something new in WWE. The idea has actually been around for quite a while. Years back, the two shows held a draft every year to shake things up. A few years ago, the brand split arrived, bringing exclusive rosters to SmackDown and Raw. Before the brand split, superstars made appearances on both shows.

In recent years, the company has held something called the superstar shakeup. The idea is a much smaller draft, changing a few superstars from one show to another. During that time, some titles have switched shows, including the WWE US Championship.

WWE SmackDown and Raw are the main shows of the company. But WWE has also brought some changes to its NXT brand, which is usually where its new superstars and some of its veterans compete.

The brand recently debuted on the USA Network with a two hour episode. The brand has just a few names from the main roster and most of its stars are wrestlers who have never competed on Raw or SmackDown. The talent is usually called up to the rosters after a while. In recent years, Samoa Joe, Finn Balor, Kevin Owens and EC3 are some of the stars that have competed on NXT and then moved to Raw or SmackDown.