2K Confirms Patch Following Disastrous Release

2K Games has released a statement on the situation surrounding the disastrous release of WWE 2K20. The statement does not give exact details on a patch release but it does say that one will be coming soon.

The game developer said through its statement that they are listening to the feedback that has been going around about WWE 2K20 and are aware of the issues some players are reporting. The statement finishes by saying they are working hard to investigate the concerns and address them as necessary.

2K says it expects to have an initial patch ready in the next two weeks with more after that. The game developer did not give an exact release date on the patch.

Title Goes Viral

WWE 2K20 was released less than two weeks ago but it didn’t take long for players to notice that the game was a mess. Just a few hours after its release, users took Steam to give their thoughts on the new game.

Many of the users gave negative reviews on the game, which had only been out for a few hours. The game started out with a two out of ten rating early on and videos began popping up on how buggy it was.

The new video game actually went viral since many of the things seen through the career mode and game modes were hilarious. Several clips of characters flying through the air,  items floating or the ring going crazy popped up online.

Not the First Time

WWE 2K20 was expected to be an improvement over last year’s release but many players say the game has actually taken a step back with this release. This isn’t the first time that there is a buggy release in the series. WWE 2K18 on the Switch had a disastrous launch, with many saying that the game was the worst release on Nintendo’s system.

2K Games also had a bad time with another popular series earlier this year. NBA 2K20 was released with several issues that forced some players to take social media to complain. The game’s buggy release didn’t appear to be as bad as WWE 2K20 but that was not the only thing the game developer got criticized for.

Before the release of the basketball game, the game developer was criticized for having a  trailer that showed gambling mechanics. The trailer immediately received a ton of dislikes since in-game purchases and other microtransactions have been a controversial subject in the last few years.

Low Ratings For Two 2K Titles

Like WWE 2K20, the game was hit with a low rating by Steam users. The basketball video game currently has more than 4,000 reviews on the platform, with most of them overwhelmingly negative. The wrestling video game currently has 301 reviews, mostly negative.

2K did not give details on the fixes that the patch will bring but it is coming in the next two weeks so it won’t be long before we know all the improvements.

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