Brex Promo Code 2021 – Free $250 Amazon Gift Card

One of the toughest issues startups (and established businesses alike) struggle with is maximizing their company’s cash flow. If you don’t have cash in the bank business gets super difficult, super quick. Without access to capital not only is growth difficult but starting afloat becomes a challenge in and of itself. This is where Brex comes to the rescue…

Brex is a “new age” credit card company forged from the Y combinator and backed by some of the biggest names in silicon valley including PayPal’s Peter Thiel & Kleiner Perkins. Brex helps businesses get access to large credit limits (think 5-10 times that of traditional credit card issuers.) Best of all they offer 60 day, interest-free terms on purchases made on your Brex credit card and they also offer Brex points that essentially become a coupon code on all your purchases  60 days of float can be a game-changer for rapidly growing businesses. To get started with Brex (and get a $250 Amazon Gift Card as a sign up bonus) just use the promo signup link below.

Brex also offers a variety of alternative credit cards with various bonus structures and even recently started offering business checking accounts + various expense tracking solutions for rapidly scaling businesses.  To learn more about what all BREX offers click here.

Brex Signup & Referral Code Bonuses in 2021 – UPDATED 

The current best offer and working promo code for in February 2020 is listed below. It’s a $250 Amazon gift card that you receive after your first $1000 in spend.  Best of all to activate it you just need to click the link below to activate the exclusive promo.

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Note: You’ll receive your $250 gift card once you’ve spent the first $1000 on your Brex card.


Brex is one of the fastest-growing unicorn companies (valuation over a billion dollars) in history. Launched in 2017 Brex already has a valuation of over 2.5 billion dollars and their investor pool includes some of the largest venture capital firms in the world and massive banking conglomerates such as Barclays. These large players have invested nearly 400 million dollars and because of it, Brex is able to offer amazing referral bonuses, cashback signup codes, and new member signup promotions.

The reason for this growth is the novel approach Brex takes towards financing that eliminates many of the hang-ups traditional banks have with funding young, rapidly growing companies.  If you’ve ever tried to get financing for a business you likely know that traditional banks have a strict “formula” they follow when it comes to how they approve businesses. It tends to overly concentrate on business age (at least 2 years of operations) and traditional industry structures (real estate or brick & mortar businesses) that don’t really fit with current times.

Brex approaches things differently and concentrates on providing financing and capital to high-growth startups and e-commerce companies that don’t really fit this mold.  That’s not to say they don’t offer financing to traditional businesses but their approval formula takes current sales, growth potential, and cash into the equation at a substantially higher weight than traditional banks. This enables companies that might otherwise have trouble getting approved for loans or credit cards to be able to take advantage of their true growth potential. Additionally, Brex does all this while provided substantially higher credit limits that increase as your sales/revenue increases on a rolling 7-day basis.  So as your business grows your access to capital grows along with it. They also offer a variety of exclusive offers and perks to members from some of the biggest names in tech including Amazon, Google, WeWork, Twilio, and Salesforce.  Things like thousand dollar credits to AWS servers, thousands of dollars to test Snapchat ads, huge discounts on WeWork offices, and more.

Another innovative thing Brex does is they don’t require personal guarantees for your business.  Generally, banks will force everyone with an ownership stake in a business to personally guarantee the debts accrued on their lines of credit, thus added a ton of risk to the individuals themselves if something ever goes downhill with the business. In fact, Brex doesn’t even pull the credit scores of the business owners when you apply for your card.  The application process takes literally 5 minutes and you can be up and running with your new funds the same day.

So if you are looking to scale your business or just maximize your cashflow Brex may be the perfect solution. There’s a reason they are being called the 21st century American Express and have already raised nearly 400 million dollars in under 2 years.

To take advantage of the referral promo code for a $250 gift card to when you sign up use the exclusive promo link mentioned above.