Thursday, February 2, 2023

iBoysoft Drive Manager is an All-in-One Tool Featuring NTFS Write Support

When it comes to drive managers, you need to check out iBoysoft Drive Manager since it’s an all-in-one product for any situation. Whether you need to connect, disconnect, unmount, or mount any external drives or network drives, this product does it all using one-click management. We wanted to tell you all about iBoysoft Drive Manager and all of the key features this disk management tool has to offer.

iBoysoft Drive Manager Comes with Full NTFS Write Support for Mac

There is both read and write support for NTFS for Mac.You can take your NTFS drives and then transfer all of your files to a Mac with no loss of data. NTFS drives are not typically compatible with Mac, but using this program gives those drives the compatibility support it needs to run correctly on a Mac. Once the mounting has been completed, you can edit, read, write, copy, and paste these files to anywhere you need.

What’s really great about iBoysoft Drive Manager is that it offers one-click management. This includes mounting, unmounting, disconnecting, and connecting any drive you have. It could be an external drive, network drive, or an NTFS drive. You can do all of this in batch mode so that’s why it takes only one simple click to get it all done.

iBoysoft Drive Manager Features Network & External Drive Management Support

If you use a lot of external storage devices, you’ll love the support for external drives. This includes a ton of different external drives such as USB hard drives and external hard drives. You’ll also have support for SD cards, CF cards, USB flash drives, pen drives, memory cards, and much more. The compatibility with all of these different external storage devices makes iBoysoft Drive Manager one of the best options out there today.

If users accidentally lost data on those external disks on Mac, iBoysoft has a solution for that issue too. iBoysoft offers a program that can do just that with its¬†Mac data recovery¬†software called iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac. With iBoysoft Drive Manager, not only will you have support for external drives, but you’ll also have support for network drives. You can add network drives that are either SFTP or FTP and then map them as your local drive using the Finder. It’s super quick and easy to then go into the menu bar and connect, edit, or disconnect the network drives whenever you need.

Customize Drive Mounting Options & More with iBoysoft Drive Manager

With iBoysoft Drive Manager, you will also have the option to customize the drive mounting options. You can get status notifications and configure them as you go, and you can even configure all of the automatic notifications. You could get notifications when you successfully mount a drive, disconnect a drive, and even notifications when those drives have been connected.

You also can choose when to re-mount or eject the drives automatically based on your own preferences. If you want to connect the network drives when your Mac wakes up, you can set this to automatically connect so you don’t have to worry about manually connecting each and every time. If you want to put your Mac to sleep, you can even choose to have the external drives safely disconnect right before sleep happens. You’ll never have to physically connect or remove drives by setting up these customization options.

Lastly, you are also going to have a disk search available to you in iBoysoft Drive Manager. With this feature, you can simply search for files and folders at the touch of a button. You’ll be able to filter files and folders too. Just using a couple clicks allows you to access the details of the files and folders. When it comes to drive management tools, there hasn’t been an easier to use program than iBoysoft Drive Manager.



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