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Leawo Prof. DRM is a Great All-in-One DRM Remover & File Converter

Leawo Prof. DRM, which is formerly Leawo TunesCopy, is one of the best programs to use if you want to remove DRM from various entertainment mediums. This includes iTunes, Audible, Spotify, and other digital mediums where DRM is embedded into the file. Removing the DRM is important because it allows you to convert those files into other formats. We wanted to tell you more about Leawo Prof. DRM because this is the best program available for DRM removal.

Leawo Prof. DRM Offers DRM Removal & File Format Conversion All-in-One

When talking about programs like Leawo Prof. DRM, it’s hard to find a program that’s more of an all-in-one solution. This particular program not only will remove the DRM from various entertainment mediums, but it will also open drm files and then convert the files into a format of your choice. This gives you more options for entertainment and allows you to move your various movies, television shows, and music files to other sources.

You can use Leawo Prof. DRM to remove the DRM from iTunes and then convert iTunes files into other formats. Those M4V files from iTunes can quickly be converted into MP4 and you will retain the quality 100 percent. Whether it’s music, movies, or television shows on iTunes, you’ll be able to transfer your iTunes files onto other devices easily without interruption in quality.

The iTunes conversion works at a 50x quicker speed compared to other programs during the DRM removal process. Another great feature is that you can even retain the tags and subtitles. What we love about the iTunes conversion is that it will keep the AC3 Dolby 5.1 surround sound during the conversion process so you don’t have to settle for less to remove the DRM and convert.

Leawo Prof. DRM Removes DRM from Audible & Other Audiobook Sources

As you probably know, Audible and other audiobook services also include DRM and that can be annoying if you want to transfer your audiobook to someone else or another device. There are a few different file formats for audiobooks including M4B, AAX, and AA depending on which source you are using. Most audiobooks are DRM protected which means you’re limited to just that one source for listening to the audiobooks.

If you download Leawo Prof. DRM, you’ll be able to remove the DRM and convert those files into an MP3 file format. This means that you can then move the audiobooks to another device or even transfer those files quickly and easily. If you get your audiobooks from iTunes, you won’t even need authorization from your iTunes account. This program will allow you to retain the original audio quality of the audiobooks and you can select the bit rate and sampling rate.

Are you a Spotify user? 

Additionally it also works with spotify files to remove the DRM and convert them to a variety of formats including MP3, M4B, M4A, AAC, WAV, FLAC. Best of all it can do all the different things you may need including removing DRM from tracks, albums, and playlists while maintaining 100% of the original quality. If you’re a power user you can even take advantage of the editing functions to adjust the bit rate, sample rate, and audio channel.

Leawo Prof. DRM Converts eBooks & Much More

We know a lot of people also enjoy reading e-books, but did you know those are also DRM protected files? With Leawo Prof. DRM you will be able to remove the DRM from your eBooks regardless of the source you use. If the eBook is Kobo, Kindle, or Adobe, you’ll be able to remove that DRM and get the file to convert into another format for easier enjoyment.

The DRM-free file formats include mobi, azw3, epub, and txt. You won’t have to worry about quality loss either and this program will convert at a 50x quicker speed so you can enjoy your books anywhere at any time. Removing the DRM also allows you to share your eBooks with your friend and family, so you can trade eBooks and share with anyone you want.

Final Thoughts on Leawo Prof. DRM

What we love the most about Leawo Prof. DRM is that it’s an all-in-one program that will work for any DRM protected files. Whether you have a ton of movies and television shows on your device or PC or you want to share audiobooks with others, you can do it all with this program. The quality will always be retained with this program and regardless of the conversion you are doing, it will be finished 50x quicker. The various file format options this program offers for conversion also makes it wonderful and ensures you’ll find a conversion format to fit your needs.



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