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Practical Tips To Survive Freshers Week

There’s absolutely no denying that freshers week is one of the most important time in a student’s life as a stepping stone that leads you to your journey as a student. However, this week may not surround the essence of your actual education as you will likely be discovering how to use a washing machine and just how far you can stretch your very limited budget. Considering freshers week is greatly considered a right of passage or an initiation period, you may want to prepare yourself for the monumental experience. These practical tips will help ensure your first experience is as effortless as possible.

Socializing Made Simple

Even though you may feel somewhat compelled to lock yourself up in your dorm room until the week is over, this would probably not be the smartest plan. Take advantage of social media platforms to locate all the details for fresher events and plan appropriately. This will help you be as prepared as possible. Arriving at an event in a unicorn costume would probably be much less ridiculous if you are actually supposed to dress according to the theme. Social media platforms truly make socializing a lot more effortless, and taking advantage of this fact will aid your campus navigation during your first week.

Dorm Room Adjustments

Your first impression of your dorm room may not be exactly what you have been anticipating, considering most closely resemble prison cells. Luckily, the harsh architecture of your concrete room will probably grow on you once you start to settle in. However, it would be wise to bring along items that will make the dorm feel more like your home. You will want your dorm to be as comfortable as possible as you will be spending a lot of time studying and socializing in it.

Shots Are Not Entirely Necessary

Freshers week might have a well-known reputation for odd drinking games and a never-ending hangover. However, if you are not the type to enjoy glow in the dark paint and alcohol glazed floors, there are other options. Universities often host several different types of events, such as comedy nights and cinema trips. Therefore, you shouldn’t join in on the parties simply because you feel obliged to. Rather than assuming, you should take measures to evaluate what the experience is actually about as many students-to-be find themselves wondering ‘what is freshers week?’

Avoiding A Life Of Beans And Toast

Because freshers week will probably be the first time you find yourself fending for yourself, you may end up going overboard when it comes to shopping for food. Rather than giving into ridiculous temptations, you should stick to your budget to best avoid falling into a pattern of living off f beans and toast, or worse, instant noodles. Take the time to let your inner chef out. A healthy diet is crucial for boosting your brain’s abilities.

Joining Societies

You should definitely take part in the freshers fair and avoid signing up for every society you pass by. Even though you should sign up to a few, you should make sure that you are actually willing to try out as well. Societies are a great place to make friends that share the same interests as you, which will definitely aid your student life in the long run.

Andy Debolt
Andy is a graduate of the University of Minnesota with a Bachelors Degree in Journalism. When he isn't writing Andy enjoys water sports and spending time on the golf course.


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