Premier League: Standings, Big Results & More

Matchday 9 of the Premier League did not disappoint, with many teams pulling out big results to remain in the title race or simply continue avoiding the relegation zone. Here is all the information you need on Matchday 9:


  1. Liverpool (25)
  2. Manchester City (19)
  3. Leicester City (17)
  4. Chelsea (17)
  5. Arsenal (15)
  6. Crystal Palace (14)
  7. Tottenham (12)
  8. Burnley FC (12)
  9. Bournemouth (12)
  10. West Ham (12)
  11. Aston Villa (11)
  12. Wolves (11)
  13. Manchester United (10)
  14. Everton (10)
  15. Sheff Utd (9)
  16. Brighton (9)
  17. Southampton (8)
  18. Newcastle (8)
  19. Norwich City (7)
  20. Watford (4)

The standings remain very close at the top, with Liverpool now leading by six points after saving a point against Manchester United. The league leaders have won eight of their nine matches played. They are on track to repeat the numbers from the previous season, which was a really good one for the Champions League winners. Second and fifth place are only separated by four points. Arsenal and Sheff Utd play later today to end Matchday 9.

At the bottom of the standings, Watford continues to be some points behind in the relegation zone. The club is last with four points but there was some good news on Matchday 9 as they were able to get a draw against Tottenham. Norwich City and Newcastle are also in the relegation zone with seven and eight points.

Big Results

One of the biggest results of Matchday 9 was the win by Manchester City. The 2018-19 Premier League champions entered the week eight points behind Liverpool. City lost the previous game and a loss or draw here would have put them even more behind the league leaders. They were able to get a 2 – 0 win against Crystal Palace and keep up the pressure on Liverpool, which remains undefeated after nine games.

Speaking of Liverpool, they dropped some points after a 1 – 1 draw against Manchester United. Liverpool came in with a perfect run of eight wins in eight games but were behind 1 – 0 before Adam Lallana scored with five minutes left in the game.

The draw is not exactly a good result for Manchester United, a club that is struggling early in the season. Manchester United have just one victory in the last five games. They are in 13th place, just six points away from last place Watford.

Watford was able to secure one point against Tottenham, a team that has not started off the season in the right track. Watford has not won a game in the EPL this season, currently sitting last place with four draws and five losses. The draw is more of a win for the club, which is looking to get out of the relegation zone. Newcastle lost while Norwich City ended with a draw, leaving Watford just four points away from 17th place Southampton and 18th place Newcastle.

Big Matches For Matchday 10

Liverpool vs. Tottenham is one of the best of the week. The two met in the Champions League final and they will meet again, this time in the league. It is a different situation right now though, Tottenham is struggling in the EPL while Liverpool have not lost.

Norwich City vs. Manchester United will be another solid game to watch. Both teams are near the relegation zone so this should make for an interesting match, especially for Man United since they are trying to get back in the top five after a sixth place finish last season.

Arsenal vs. Crystal Palace should be an interesting one as well since they are currently in fifth and sixth place. This could change since Arsenal have yet to play Sheff Utd.