PS4 7.0 Update Is Out Now

A new system software update for the PlayStation 4 is out now. The update isn’t to fix small issues or make small changes. The 7.0 release comes with major changes, including a much requested one for the party chat system.

The update, which was released on early Tuesday, has a size of less than 500 MB, which should be a quick download for most people. Here is everything that the 7.0 update brings:

Party Chat Now Up To 16 Players

One of the biggest changes introduced in this update is the increase from 8 to 16 players for the party chat. The party chat was limited to 8 players for a while but many had requested for an increase since there are games where you can team up or compete against more than 8 players.

Other consoles had featured much bigger party chats for years so this is a nice change for those who often use party chats on Sony’s console. Full eight player party chats were already a little difficult to communicate through, especially if all players were constantly talking. The increase will likely make it even more difficult but at least the option is there for those who want to use it or give it a try. The increase isn’t the only change for party chat though.

PlayStation Blog said through a post before the update’s release that party chat would also receive audio and connectivity improvements. The post didn’t give details but the connectivity improvements probably have to do with the issues that players were seeing with NAT Type, which left players without a way to communicate unless they exited the chat and came back.

If you didn’t read the info on the download, Sony’s new update also lets users know about the party chat and remote play changes when they first enter the party chat section.

Remote Play: New Features

The new update brings Remote Play for smartphones and tablets that are running Android 5.0 or higher. On top of that, the update also allows people to stream some PS4 games on mobile devices. The feature can be used through the PS4 Remote Play App, which is available on the Google Play Store.

Sony has also introduced some changes for Remote Play on iOS. Apple iPhone and iPad users now have the ability to display the controller at all times. On top of that, they have the option to lock screen orientation.

The DualShock 4 controller can now be used through Bluetooth for Remote Play. This option is available for iPhone, iPad, iMac and Android. The feature requires macOS Catalina (coming later this month), iPad OS 13, iOS 13 or Android 10.

Biggest Update In Recent Months

The 7.0 update is easily one of the biggest of the PS4 in recent months. The last few updates have been about fixing small issues and making small additions. Earlier this year, the PS4 did get an update that finally allowed users to change their PSN usernames.

The 7.0 update can be downloaded now for the PS4. What do you think about the improvements? Let us know in the comments.