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REKK Phone Call Recorder for iOS Allows You to Record Phone Calls with Ease

The REKK call recorder app is one of the best phone call recording apps available for iOS. It’s much easier to use than other similar apps and it’s a lot better in terms of features as well. We are going to be telling you why the app is so useful and all of the great features you will get with this phone call recording app. As long as you have a carrier that supports the 3-way calling ability you will be able to fully use this app without issue. If you’ve never used an app like this before, you’re going to love it. We will also tell you how to use REKK to record all of your phone calls.

Why REKK iOS Phone Call Recorder App is So Useful

REKK is one of the most useful call recording apps available for iOS. It will record all phone conversations you have on your iOS device with stunning clarity. You will have the highest quality audio recordings by using this app. That means there will be no uncertainty about what you and someone else have said on the phone.

This app is useful in situations where you need to record a call to playback later for personal or professional situations. If you are working on a team and want to talk about how to proceed with the task at hand, simply record the call and playback later to guarantee you get the task done correctly. It can help solve problems where miscommunication can occur.

Sometimes you want to record a call simply remember what you said in a certain situation, such as with an attorney or business client. If you want to make sure your statement is on record then use this app to guarantee there’s no question about what you said and your intent. Using REKK, you will be able to have the highest quality recording that you can playback at anytime. It can record both incoming and outgoing calls and also transcribe your calls as needed. We will get into the main features of REKK below, which are sure to blow you away.

Main Features of REKK iOS Call Recording App

Highest Quality Phone Recordings with No Gaps– One of the biggest features you’ll find with REKK is that the recording quality is superb and it records everything. You’ll have the best recording quality possible with this app, which sets itself apart from other similar apps. There will be no delays or gaps within the recordings and that is something other apps often times have.

Records both Incoming & Outgoing Calls– REKK can record both incoming calls and outgoing calls and the user interface is clean and very simple to use for either of these situations. Some phone recording apps can only record either incoming calls or outgoing calls as it’s hard to find an app that can do both. REKK ensures that all of your phone calls either direction are recorded with no delays in the recording process.

REKK Converts Conversations to Text- What we really love about REKK is that it will automatically convert your phone conversations to text. This could be very useful in situations where you need to send a transcript to your boss or attorney for court filings. It could be used as evidence in certain situations. These text conversations could just be used personally by you to ensure you got your point across accurately.

Synchronizes with iCloud & Creates Backups– This app also will synchronize your audio files and create a backup copy of your recording. You won’t have to worry about misplacing the audio files or the transcribed files. The app will automatically synchronize each call with iCloud. This feature is great because it can be useful if you happen to lose the file or it gets deleted. There will always be another copy of your conversation available since it will be stored in iCloud and also you will have a backup copy in case of emergency.

Ability to Upload Voice Recordings to other Storage Services– If you would rather upload your audio files somewhere else, you can do that too with REKK. It’s very easy to find your audio files and copy them to another cloud storage service. You can add your files to Dropbox, Google Drive, and many other common cloud storage services. This gives you another option besides using iCloud to store your audio files.

Offers Download Link & Share Ability Through Apps– REKK also comes with a feature that allows you to share your audio recordings with other people using a variety of apps. You will be able to create your own download link that someone can click on to download the audio of the phone call. The ability to share the file will be useful if you collaborate with team members on a work project. You can share these recordings through various apps including WhatsApp, Viber, iMessage, and many more.

Step-By-Step Process for Recording Incoming Phone Calls with REKK

  • When you get an incoming call the first step to use REKK is to accept the call.
  • You want to minimize the call screen after you’ve accepted the call.
  • Simply open up the REKK app and click on the round button, which will begin recording.
  • Head back over to your call screen and then click on “Merge Calls.”

Step-By-Step Process for Recording Outgoing Calls with REKK

  • It’s even easier to record the outgoing calls with REKK with the first step being that you need to open the REKK app.
  • Select the person you want to call from your contacts or simply enter the phone number you wish to call. From there you just need to click on the “Call” button.
  • The service number is called first and then you will see a notification that gives you this service number. Once you see this then you need to click “Call,”
  • After the service number has accepted the call, you will notice another notification that gives you the phone number you are trying to call. You must click “Call” to begin the process.
  • Once that phone call has been accepted all you need to click is “Merge Calls.” The outgoing phone call will be recorded.

As you can see by this easy step-by-step guide, recording both incoming and outgoing phone calls with REKK is super easy. The intuitive user interface is very clean and it will make recording these phone calls easier than ever before. You will find this app to be useful in a number of situations in both a personal and professional setting and it will give you peace of mind.



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