Respawn and EA Get Criticized Once Again For Upcoming Apex Event

The Fight or Fright Halloween event is not available on Apex Legends just yet but some players are already upset over the details that have been revealed. The event, which starts on October 15, will be all about Halloween but some players are not happy with the prices and the system that EA and Respawn are bringing for Fight or Fright.

The event will offer cosmetics, just like all the other events that have been in the game. Details on the event were posted on the Apex Legends reddit page. Among the details is that the event probably won’t have free Apex packs or any other system for players to unlock the skins that will be introduced.

The event appears to be introducing a Halloween skin for every legend but players aren’t happy that the only way of getting these skins is by buying them or spending money on packs to see if they get lucky with one. Respawn and EA are offering a third option, using metal, which is unlocked through Apex packs or the Battle Pass. The problem with that option is that many don’t have that amount to spend on a skin. According to reports, the amount of metal needed is double than the rest of the Legendary skins available in the game.

The details immediately brought tons of criticism against the two companies. Many of the reddit users that regularly post there criticized the way that the companies are once again organizing the event.

Many of them pointed out that the price of the skins was too high and that having metal as another option was simply not good since most people don’t usually save that up. Others said it was not worth spending serious amounts of money on the cosmetics to obtain the heirloom, which is free this time if you get all 24 items.

The thread, which has seen more than 2,500 comments so far, shows all the ways that players will be able to obtain the cosmetics. The skins that will be part of the event are also shown.

The criticism on the prices comes just weeks after Respawn and EA had to take reddit to give a detailed explanation on the controversy that surrounded the Iron Crown Collection Event.

The Iron Crown Collection Event was launched shortly after the start of Season 2. The event introduced a number of weapon cosmetics and skins. It also brought the solos game mode, which had been heavily requested since the game’s release back in February.

The event didn’t go smoothly for the two companies since players criticized the high prices and the little options that the game had to unlock the skins. During that event, players were given two free Apex packs if they completed a number of challenges.

The prices were seen as a bit too high, especially to unlock the heirloom, which was unlocked for sale after the 24 items. Respawn took reddit to explain that there would be changes, including the addition of the event skins to the shop.

The responses from Respawn got even more criticism and things took a wrong turn when players and devs got into a heated argument in one of the threads. The CEO of Respawn later released a statement apologizing but also supporting some of the devs, who he said had received threats.

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