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Your Ultimate Guide to Wedding Rings for Men

How do wedding rings for men work? Learn more in this guide to sizes and the etiquette around buying men’s wedding bands.

If you’re getting ready to tie the knot, you want to make sure your other half is getting a beautiful ring.

When it comes to finding the right wedding rings for men, how do you know which styles to choose?

This handy guide explores the proper etiquette and tips for finding the perfect wedding ring for the man in your life, so read on to learn more.

Choose a Ring That Fits His Lifestyle

If you’re marrying a hard-working man, you want to make sure you choose a ring that can handle wear and tear. You definitely don’t want to buy wedding rings for men that will get damaged easily.

If your hubby-to-be works with heavy machinery or power tools, select a ring made of a material like platinum or a lower-carat gold. These metals are much more durable than standard gold so you can protect your investment.

And, if your fiance likes simple designs, choose a ring that comes in a sleek, smooth band. Leave out the diamonds or other stones if you’re concerned they’ll either get lost or he will consider them too gaudy.

Do Wedding Rings for Men Have to Match the Bride’s Ring?

Your husband’s ring does not have to match yours perfectly, but it should still look somewhat similar. Make sure you buy the same type of metal like white gold or pure gold so your colors don’t clash.

Another way you can get matching rings is to have each one engraved with the same phrasing. This is an inexpensive yet sentimental way to ensure that your rings are similar.

The general style and width of your rings should be as close as possible. Of course, your ring might have more stones, but the band should be a similar width to your husband’s if you can pull it off.

Ring Shopping Etiquette

Enjoy your engagement and go on a shopping trip for rings together as a couple. Many jewelers sell sets that will ensure your rings are close in style and can help you find wedding bands for men.

Set a budget you can both agree on before you shop for your wedding rings. Make sure the process is fun, and enjoy this special time together before you tie the knot.

If you prefer to surprise your fiance with a ring, ask some of his friends or family for insight. You could also bring one of his close friends along to help you make sure you pick out a ring you know he’ll love.

Treasure the Moment

When it comes to finding wedding rings for men, there are plenty of gorgeous designs and styles to choose from. Just make sure you select a ring that’s both meaningful and durable enough to handle his busy lifestyle.

On your big day and after, you’ll always remember the process of finding the perfect ring and the meaning behind it.

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