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Urban Designer: Wooden Fashion You Can Feel Good About

Throughout the last few decades, the truth of the fashion industry has become more than readily apparent. Fast fashion has ushered in a new era marked by wonderful innovation, fun risks, and unmitigated personal expression, but it has also brought about an age of cheap labor, low-quality, and previously unheard-of waste. In all honesty, it’s not a pretty sight. Luckily, the industry and consumers alike seem to be keenly aware of this and are making conscious choices to reverse this status quo. This is apparent nowhere more than in the rise of more sustainable, timeless fashion labels. Who is taking up the helm for accessories, though? Insert Urban Designer – a wooden jewelry company which focuses on wood watches and wooden rings that seeks to do something different.

A company with a conscience, Urban Designer is a brand that focuses on environmental sustainability, natural construction, and pieces that will last a lifetime. And unlike many larger brands, they’ve chosen to offer jewelry made (at least, partially) from wood rather than pure metal and all at a price tag normal people can truly afford. If you have $50 or more to invest, you can find a lasting product at UD. That makes it What truly makes them tick and what makes their products so special?

All Reclaimed Wood All the Time

Yes, part of what makes UD special is the fact that focus on making quality watches and rings out of wood. After all, it’s not every day that you find such durable, beautiful jewelry that is also made of natural, hypoallergenic materials. More importantly though, what makes them unique is that they use reclaimed wood to make all their products. This separates them not only from mainstream jewelry companies, but also from a lot of other designated wood watch companies you’ll come across. Yes, you heard us right. No trees were harmed in the making of their accessories. Now that’s jewelry you can feel good about.

This use of reclaimed wood over recently felled trees isn’t just more environmentally-friendly and ecologically-kind. It also happens to be a rather stylish choice as well, because it allows UD to provide better, more beautiful woods at a more accessible price-point than would be possible with fresh wood. On top of that, the use of reclaimed wood tells a deeper story. That watch on your wrist has had and will have a life long before and after you. It tells that story through every indent, color variation, and wear pattern. You must admit – that’s much more compelling than any old regular watch.

Jewelry that Ages Gracefully

The story that these reclaimed wood watches is also connected to another integral aspect that sets UD’s jewelry apart. Their watches age well. Not only do they age well, they get better with time. It’s a wild concept for any avid jewelry or accessories collector. We all know that traditional metals and other similar materials are always constantly needing upkeep to look their best. If you don’t want a dull, brassy mess, you will spend a good amount of time polishing, storing, and deep cleaning your favorite pieces. Luckily, Urban Designer’s wooden watches don’t have this issue.

Rather than wearing down, UD wooden watches truly improve in both appearance and function. Over time, the watch maintains its durability while becoming smoother and more comfortable to wear and developing a richer, more vibrant tone. Their wood inlay rings develop in a similar way. Basically, it develops a sort of personalized patina as you wear it and it’s just as cool as it sounds. If you’ve ever hated having your beloved jewelry break down with age or are looking for a piece you can pass on for generations, look no further than the wood jewelry at Urban Designer.

Any Style for Anyone

Last but certainly not least, one of UD’s most impressive aspects is the vastness of their product catalogue. They really do have something for everybody. Are you a little bit more on the bohemian side? They’ve got plenty of more natural toned watches and rings to pique your interest. Or do you actually hate the bohemian style? Maybe you’re more of a prim and proper type. Well, they’ve got plenty of more formal, classic jewelry with your name on it, including pieces that incorporate sleek steel and leather into their designs. Neither of those? They’ve got everything from uber-minimalistic to ultra-modern to natural and chic and everything beyond. This makes them the perfect gift, whether as groomsmen watches, gifts for him/her, or as a little present to yourself.

Oftentimes, such a wide selection of options feels overwhelming and wasteful. However, Urban Designer does a fantastic balancing act. It never feels like there’s too much to choose from and it never feels like any one style is overdone. Everything is represented here and all of it is done with quality in mind. No matter what style you choose, you know that their watches and wood rings are high-quality and handmade by craftsmen. It’s a nice touch when put up against bigger, less consumer-based companies and it makes all the difference.

Want to get your hands on a piece of UD wooden jewelry? Visit to find your perfect match today.

Andy Debolt
Andy is a graduate of the University of Minnesota with a Bachelors Degree in Journalism. When he isn't writing Andy enjoys water sports and spending time on the golf course.


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