CM Punk Returns To WWE But As Analyst

It’s been years since we have seen CM Punk on WWE programming but that is about to change with a surprising deal between the two. The former WWE Champion made a surprise appearance at the end of WWE Backstage on the FS1 channel.

The surprise appearance came shortly after it was confirmed that he would sort of return to the company. The Fox Sports Twitter account confirmed earlier today that the former WWE Champion will be joining WWE Backstage.

The appearance shocked WWE fans since it’s been a long time that he has made an official WWE appearance. It is actually his first appearance since he left the company back in 2014.

CM Punk reportedly left the company over disagreements they had over his character. The former WWE Champion left the company but everything said during that time made it seem like the split had not gone well.

After leaving the company, CM Punk made it clear during interviews and podcasts that he was not returning anytime soon. CM Punk, who debuted during the return of ECW, went on to try another sport, MMA.

CM Punk competed in UFC for two matches, losing both. Since then, there’s been rumors for a third fight but it appears that he will leave that behind for WWE.

CM Punk’s time in WWE was very successful, he won multiple championships and title opportunities. He was one of the longest reigning WWE Champions not too long ago.

The former WWE Champion had feuds with other legends such as John Cena and The Rock, who came back to WWE to have a title opportunity against him. CM Punk also went up against The Undertaker at Wrestlemania. At the time, The Undertaker was undefeated at the big event.

CM Punk’s return is a bit of a surprise since it seemed like he would never make another appearance for the company. For months, it was actually rumored that he would join AEW, which recently debuted on TV with some of WWE’s former superstars.

CM Punk had hinted about a return on recent podcasts and interviews. The former UFC fighter competed in WWE over five years ago but fans haven’t forgotten about him.

Over the years, crowds at WWE events have taken over by chanting his name. During the recent Royal Rumbles, which usually have surprise appearances, fans have waited for CM Punk’s entrance music to start. But that has never happened.

CM Punk’s return to the show has brought rumors that the former WWE Champion could make a return to the ring in the near future. The WWE roster has plenty of superstars but a return in the next few weeks or months makes sense since fans have wanted to see him wrestle for years. It also makes sense since WWE Raw and SmackDown recently relaunched with new logos, stages, music and commentary teams.

What do you think about his return? Do you think he will wrestle again? If so, who do you think he is going to face first? Let us know in the comments.