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How to Relieve Back Pain?

Back pain, or dorsalgia, is the second most common pain syndrome after migraine. The problem is that 70-90% of the population suffers from back pain on a regular basis, and only 20-30% resort to the help of doctors to get rid of torment. Unfortunately, when untreated, acute pain becomes chronic (25% of cases), and it is already much more difficult to cope with this problem. In this case, you need both medicines and medical procedures along with gymnastics to ensure effective therapy and rehabilitation. You can even use the teeter hangs up to fix the condition. Have doubts? Check teeter reviews to understand how the solution works.

Methods for Treating Back Pain

If the cause of the condition is identified, you should begin pain therapy with the elimination of the identified ailment. In this case, concomitant therapy is often required to relieve pain. In addition, you may also need to undergo special treatment in case of chronic back pain. Here are some of the approaches that might relieve back pain.

  • Wearing a fixing belt or collar (for pain in the neck) – Such an “outfit” is a must for you in case of injuries or surgeries. But it is not indicated to continue such therapy for a long time since the weakening of the back muscles that can possibly contribute to the transition of acute pain into a chronic form. On the contrary, it is highly recommended that a person begins to engage in motor exercises as soon as possible.
  • Physiotherapy and its various techniques (electrophoresis, phonophoresis, laser therapy, magnetic therapy) – all these are effective approaches to dealing with back pain.
  • Electrophoresis is based on the introduction of drugs into the body using small electrical impulses. Such treatment helps to relieve back pain for a long time since drugs absorbed by using electric current have a longer effect on the body. You can also use a teeter from as an extra tool for back treatment.
  • Phonophoresis is also one of the alternative methods of drug administration – in this case, by exposure to ultrasound. The drug is absorbed into the capillaries, due to which, it acts more purposefully and effectively. 
  • Laser therapy is associated with the use of light beams of the infrared, red, and ultraviolet spectra. It reduces pain, relieves inflammation and swelling. Laser therapy is top efficient in the treatment of many diseases of the spine that cause dorsalgia: osteochondrosis, arthrosis, scoliosis, intervertebral hernia. 
  • Magnetic therapy is useful for treating many diseases of the body. A low-frequency magnetic field has an effect at the cellular level, produces favorable changes: it relieves pain and inflammation, restores mobility, and reduces swelling.

How to Prevent the Condition?

If you do not want to suffer from back pain, then you need to buy a good mattress. But it is not an easy choice. A hard mattress does not adjust to the natural curves of the spine, and this can cause additional problems. If you have osteochondrosis or intervertebral hernia, it is not advised to get hard mattresses as they can negatively affect your health. Apart from a mattress, there are many other tools on jonsguide that you can use for fixing your back condition. 

There are several key features that you should pay attention to when choosing a mattress if there are problems with the spine. Which mattress is suitable for your back? According to the studies, the best mattress for a sore back is not too soft neither too hard model. The rigidity of the mattress must be selected so that your spine is in a natural level position. Pain relief can only be achieved if your muscles can completely relax, the blood circulates well, and you do not wake up during sleep. The ideal level of stiffness for a sore back is medium, which provides the right support and comfort for your body.

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