Top Educational Innovations from around the World

From remote education and online tutoring services to robots that teach English. The modern dynamic world keeps on surprising all three, students, parents, and teachers with exciting innovations. You may think that most of them come from Japan and the United States, but it would be wrong. In the article below, we offer the most impressive and effective innovations in education by today.

Robot That Teaches

Students of all ages would agree that robot teachers are a cool idea. However, it is not yet widespread. In fact, this method is present only in South Korea, where they have developed auto-tutors for English composition classes. The machines look like egg-shaped robots with pretty humanoid faces. The name is Engkey. It is not an entirely automated system as each robot of this type is controlled by real human – a native speaker who is a certified teacher of English.

Various dialects of this language are available. On the robot’s screen, students can see the real face of the tutor. Except for the remote tutors of English, Korean educational establishments also are equipped with robots who check-in pupils for classes, watch the mood of youngsters, and even teach them to move and dance.

Free Higher Education

The average 4-year program in the United States universities cost roughly $25,000 annually, German enthusiasts decided to come up with a revolution in this field. First, they reduced the university fees significantly just to remove them at all later. This way, all youngsters who have a passion for learning can continue their higher education even if their families have no opportunity to pay. Initially, the educational institutions in this country used to be more frills-free than their American analogies. German colleges and universities may lack five-star dining rooms and some other signs of comfort, but this innovation is priceless. The best thing is that even international students are accepted free of charge if their current test scores are fine.

Citation Generating Tools

MLA, APA, ASA, IEEE, Turabian – these names may seem familiar to you. Each of them stands for the specific academic format or writing style. In a grading rubric for your essay or research paper, you may have noticed formatting among the requirements. It is necessary to cite and reference sources used as supporting evidence for the author’s arguments. It is critical to organize and structure your paper properly. If you do not know how to quote different types of sources in various styles, you may use one of the recent innovations – so-called citation generating software. You simply insert the basic information about the source such as the author’s name and title of the material, and the tool creates a proper reference for your paper.

Online Writing Services

During the last few years, many UK, US, and Australian companies made it possible to find and hire a competent research paper writer to accomplish different types of academic homework.

How about 3D Learning?

Being one of the wealthiest countries in the world, UAE proposed a rather costly methodology – 3D-learning. This technique makes students visualize things and understand the topics more effectively. For example, they can watch a 3D battle in World War II or hologram of the Solar system with all of its planets and stars. GEMS Modern Academy was the first institution to offer this method. The idea is to connect auditoriums and laboratories by a high-speed fiber-optic network. The lectures are sent to a 3D platform. It is like watching a grainy video. Anyway, such innovation helps to get to the core of the problem faster and picture possible solutions.

Full Teacher Autonomy

As the latest statistics show, Finland can boast the most effective educational system in the world. While many countries offer low salaries for the teachers as well as low autonomy, this one decided to do it vice versa. Finland has proposed more freedom to the tutors. However, to become one, it is necessary to have either a Master’s or doctoral degree. Respected and experienced mentors receive generous latitude to assist pupils in absorbing knowledge and skills in the most effective ways. The efficiency of standardized testing was first questioned in this country. Finnish educators have almost excluded this type of exams as well as punishments for students who fail. They have replaced those measures by more effective and appealing ones, and it works!

Remote Learning

In most cases, the MBA is offered as an online course today. It makes it possible even for the young professionals who already have jobs to get enrolled in this program and find out everything important about the world of business. Distant education suits perfectly for students who have mental issue or physical disabilities that prevent them from attending regular classes.

As statistics show, all of the innovations mentioned above work perfectly. Each of them has contributed to the overall improvement of the educational system worldwide. The question is, “How soon will the rest of the world implement these methods?