NFL Playoff Picture: AFC, NFC, Week 17 and More

The playoff picture in the NFL changed quite a bit after the games today. Several teams secured an appearance for the 2019 NFL Playoffs while others now depend on other Week 17 results. Here is the current NFL Playoff picture:


  1. Ravens: Baltimore secured the number one seed with Sunday’s win over the Browns. The team has won 11 straight games but Week 17 could see a different lineup with everything now secured.
  2. Patriots: New England won the AFC East for the 17th time in the last 19 seasons. The Patriots can clinch the number two seed next week with a win against the Dolphins or a loss from the Chiefs.
  3. Chiefs: Kansas City won on Sunday but the seeding is still far from being determined. The Chiefs can secure number two with a win and a loss from the Patriots. They can also drop to number four if they lose and the Texans win.
  4. Texans: Houston has won the AFC South. The team can still move up to number three if they win and the Chiefs lose.
  5. Bills: Saturday’s loss left Buffalo without the chance for a division title but the team is locked in at number five.
  6. Titans: Tennessee lost on Sunday but the team is still sitting in the final playoff spot. The Titans can lock the playoff spot by winning next week or with losses by the Colts and Steelers.


  1. 49ers: San Francisco came back to beat the Rams on Saturday. The win gave them the number one seed. The position can be secured with a win over the Seahawks in Week 17. A loss combined with a win from the Saints would drop them to the wild card round.
  2. Saints: New Orleans moved up after the win on Sunday but the only way to remain there is if the Packers lose tomorrow. A Packers win would drop them to number three since they have a better conference record.
  3. Packers: Green Bay has the chance to secure the division with a win over the Vikings on Monday. The team has another opportunity against the Lions in Week 17.
  4. Eagles: The Eagles won on Sunday, which means they still have a shot at a playoff spot. A win or a Cowboys loss would give them the division title.
  5. Seahawks: Seattle lost on Sunday and their chance of winning the number one seed now depends on other results. One of several things that need to happen is them beating the 49ers, who are currently at number one in the NFC.
  6. Vikings: Minnesota clinched a playoff spot on Saturday after the Rams loss. The team can still win the division if they win their next two games and the Packers lose their next two.

Week 17 Will Be Very Interesting

Week 17 will decide the seeding of several teams, including the Chiefs and Saints. One of the big matchups in the AFC is between the Texans and Titans. Tennessee needs a good result while the Texans can still move up to three if they get the result they need from the Chiefs plus the win.

In the NFC, there are several interesting matchups. 49ers vs. Seahawks is one of them since both teams have a chance at finishing with the number one seed. The number four seed still hasn’t been decided so those games will be interesting to watch as well. Philadelphia just needs a win while the Cowboys need a loss from them and a win against Washington.