OnePlus Concept One a Foldable Phone?

OnePlus has denied in recent interviews that it is working or thinking about a foldable phone. The market is heating up though, Samsung, Huawei, Royole and Motorola have already released or announced that they will be selling a foldable phone.

OnePlus has been very successful when it comes to smartphones so the question of when the company will announce a foldable phone has always been there. OnePlus has denied any project having to do with the technology but reports say the company could be preparing to unveil a foldable phone next year.

Coming To CES 2020?

The company is said to be unveiling a new concept smartphone at next year’s CES. The reports of a concept smartphone have sparked rumors that the company is planning to unveil a foldable phone.

There is little information on the concept smartphone but a recent report from Korea Herald suggests that the device will be a foldable phone. The company has not confirmed if the device will be a foldable phone but the report mentions that the phone could have a similar mechanism to the Galaxy Fold and the Razr, which will be released some time next year.

India Today believes the company could also go a different route by announcing an awesome phone that has nothing to do with folding. The news site believes the company could announce something similar to what Xiaomi did with the Mi Mix Alpha.

If you haven’t heard of the Mi Mix Alpha, the phone is part of the popular series from Xiaomi but it is something completely different from what we have seen in the past. The device, announced a few months ago, has a screen that wraps around. There is really no folding mechanism on the phone but reports have suggested that this could be the start of something else for the company.

Xiaomi is one of several companies that don’t have a foldable phone but have hinted at one. Months ago, the company released a short video showing a foldable phone. The teaser was the second that the company had released in recent months. Xiaomi has been quiet when it comes to an announcement but the teasers have made it quite clear that the company is looking into the foldable phone business.

Foldable Phones: 2020 and Current Devices

Only three companies have a foldable phone at the moment. The Galaxy Fold, Mate X, and FlexPai are the three. But three have already been confirmed for 2020, including an upgraded version of the Mate X. The other two are the Motorola Razr, which was recently delayed, and the Escobar Fold 1.

OnePlus has not disappointed when it comes to impressive smartphones so we can’t wait to know what the company has planned for its concept device. CES 2020 is a couple of weeks away so the wait won’t be very long for this one. Oh and let’s not forget about MWC 2020, which is less than two months after that. That event could also bring some surprises when it comes to foldable phones.