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Things to Consider When You’re Moving to a New Office Space

Commercial relocation is twice more responsible than household one because time is money in business and any minute of delay leads to profit losses. That is why office relocation is a responsible stage in the activity of every company and it requires a great deal of involvement. One of the most challenging tasks for every business is to find another office that will meet all the requirements and be comfortable for employees and customers. However, it is not the only problem since office moving is connected with a number of other challenges to consider for it to be successful.

  1. Making up a detailed moving plan and checklist

It is not a secret that businesses make a regular inventory of the items located in the office, but it is also important to understand that every paper and device located there is of great value and should be treated with attention and safety. Therefore, a key to successful office moving is a detailed moving schedule with the tasks to be completed at every stage and deadlines as well as a checklist to keep track of all the things moved. It would be great to appoint people who are responsible for every process and ask them to report to ensure that everything takes place according to the plan.

  1. Considering new office size and arrangement

When you move to a new office, you change not only the building but also the area, atmosphere, look, so it is impossible to restore everything the same as it was in the previous building. Consequently, not to waste valuable time for arrangements after moving in, it is necessary to analyze the new office, make measurements and necessary improvements and repairments, think about the arrangement of working places. Though it may seem a trifle, even light fixtures and sockets must be considered to be able to start efficient work as fast as possible. One more important thing to consider is new office security: if it is covered by rental or you need to sign up a contract with the security company.

  1. Ordering moving services

It is not a secret that professional moving services must be ordered in advance or it will be impossible to choose a suitable date and time. Moreover, office movers in San Francisco or other big cities are very busy, so it is better to ask them for assistance as early as possible. They will make a detailed plan of your move and offer you a number of services that will help you to eliminate loading. As a result, you will be able to decide what challenges have left and cope with them. Signing a contract with office movers also allows staying calm and confident that there will be no obstacles or unexpected situations on your relocation day.

  1. Asking every employee to pack his or her own working place

It is a very comfortable solution for large offices. Every employee has to pack his or her own working place and label these boxes. It will help to unpack in the new office quickly and prevent misunderstandings and losses. If an employee faces some challenges with packing, a professional office mover can provide necessary assistance too.


  1. Buying new supplies and furniture

One of the things to think about when you move to a new office is what things should be purchased for a new office. Every office has its essential amenities offered to renters but often it is not enough to meet all the company requirements. Therefore, it is important to consider what is required and order new supplies in advance, so that the company could start work in as fast as possible after the relocation.

  1. Informing service providers

It is not a rarity that businesses order a number of services in other companies. These are not only utilities or informational services like the Internet connection, cables, or phones but also water, meals, newspapers, office supplies, etc. Moving to another office it is necessary to call and send a written notice to every company that provides services to your business about the change of your office address. Otherwise, you can stop receiving certain services even if your company has paid for them.

Office relocation is a significant stage in the activity of every company and it would be great if it is completed without any inconveniences and unpredictable challenges. The key to a successful moving lies in the consideration of the following things, so do not neglect any of these pieces of advice if you are on the point of commercial relocation.

Andy Debolt
Andy is a graduate of the University of Minnesota with a Bachelors Degree in Journalism. When he isn't writing Andy enjoys water sports and spending time on the golf course.


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