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4 Foldable Phone Alternatives You Probably Haven’t Heard of

The world of foldable phones is quite limited at the moment but there are some options besides the major releases from Samsung, Huawei and Motorola (coming soon). The technology did not get off to a good start in 2019 but the market does have a few options for those who can’t get their hands on the Mate X or any other major foldable phone release. Here are four foldable phone alternatives you probably haven’t heard of:

TCL Foldable Device

TCL recently entered the world of foldable phones by confirming a device. There are little details on the foldable device but tech sites did report that the phone is still on the prototype stage. TCL is behind some smartphones but it is the first time that the company is working on a foldable phone.

TCL is known for its affordable TVs and other tech products but who knows, maybe the company can catch the attention by releasing a solid and affordable foldable device.

Escobar Fold 1

Back in December, Pablo Escobar’s brother Roberto Escobar launched a foldable phone. The launch came out of nowhere but the most interesting part is what the company has decided to do with the phone. The phone is priced at just $349, which is just shocking when considering that every other foldable phone out there goes over the $1,000 price. Several tech sites have pointed out that the phone looks a lot like a rebranded version of the Royole FlexPai.

Royole FlexPai

The Royole FlexPai is not usually mentioned in comparisons when the Galaxy Fold or Mate X are brought up. But the FlexPai was actually the very first foldable device to be announced. The device was announced back in 2018, when rumors had Samsung and Huawei competing for the first foldable device announcement. The FlexPai was actually announced way before the Galaxy Fold and Mate X were officially unveiled.

The FlexPai is far from perfect but it is one of the cheapest options out there when compared to the Galaxy Fold and Mate X. It is unclear if the company is planning to release an upgrade or a second version in the near future.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha

The Mi Mix Alpha is a phone that really stands out due to its impressive design. The device isn’t exactly a foldable phone but its design is almost there. Some reports have even mentioned that this could be the start of a foldable design. The Mi Mix Alpha was announced at a time when fans were expecting just another release for the Mi Mix series. Xiaomi took a different route for this release and it managed to catch the attention of people.

The Mi Mix Alpha has a screen that wraps around the device. The phone isn’t exactly cheap but it will be a solid alternative for those who want a futuristic looking phone without getting a foldable device. The only bad news is that the Mi Mix Alpha was originally set to debut in December but the month went by without a release. Reports say the phone has been delayed.

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