5 Differences Between Personal and Business Instagram Accounts

Instagram has become the second most used social media platform over the last ten years, and many businesses have realized the power of using the platform to market their brands.

As a business owner, it is important to keep in mind that business profiles differ greatly from personal profiles. Your business profile doesn’t just represent you as a person, but your business as a whole.

If you are unsure about what type of account to use to grow your business and get people engaging with you, these 5 differences can point you in the right direction to get the most from Instagram.

1. Accountability

Many businesses and brands are choosing to fake social proof by buying followers. With personal accounts, a drastic increase in followers can often be telling that the account owner has padded their organic followers with ones they’ve bought.

On the other hand, when a business account has a large influx of followers, it can be attributed to successful marketing. While you can buy Instagram followers cheap regardless of the type of account you have, we tend to suggest it more for businesses as it is easier to pass off as organic growth.

Over the last few years, Instagram has begun using auditing software to hold users accountable when they buy followers from less-than-reputable sources. Personal accounts are more likely to be penalized when they purchase bot followers because it is easier to track large increases in followers on personal accounts.

2. Finding Your Page

Another big difference between personal and business Instagram accounts is how easy it is to search for each type of account. For people who are new to your brand, they may have trouble finding your page if it is a personal account.

Business accounts tend to be easier to find, especially for Instagrammers who aren’t geographically close to you. Being easier to find on Instagram is crucial to building your following. After all, people won’t follow you if they can’t find you.

Another benefit of choosing a business profile over personal is that business pages are made for business. They give you the ability to post company information such as phone number, address, and website. Business accounts also let consumers interact with your business website or call your company through the Instagram app.

Personal accounts are more likely than business accounts to get missed when searching for them, which can really drive down your engagement. By switching to a business profile, you’ll ensure that your page won’t be missed by potential followers.

3. Advertising

While you can still use a personal Instagram account for some types of advertising, business accounts have so much more to offer in this respect. This is simply because business pages were designed to help businesses find success on Instagram.

With a business account, you can use Instagram to run advertisements across the app. You can also push your Instagram advertisements to Facebook with a business account. Or, alternatively, you can create ads for Instagram on Facebook and run them on your business’s Instagram profile.

Advertising from a business profile allows you to create and manage promotions, which you can’t do with a personal account. This is an extremely useful tool for businesses who like to post special deals and events that they’re running.

4. Features

Instagram has a lot of great features for personal accounts, such as Stories, IGTV, and more but they don’t have some of the critical features businesses need to monitor growth and follower activity. Instagram’s business profiles offer access to these same features, but they also have access to some exclusive ones as well.

Powerful analytical tools help businesses to monitor follower engagement. According to ViralRace, when you switch to a business profile, you will be able to see who is interacting with your posts and what types of posts result in higher engagement. You can also use analytics to monitor the growth of your profile.

Switching to a business profile also allows you to see when your followers are most engaged with you. This allows you to plan posts for times your followers are the most engaged, which leads to higher growth for your business.

Though an argument can be made that personal accounts may be favored by Instagram’s algorithms, a bit of strategic marketing and compelling content will help grow your business profile despite the algorithms.

5. Links on Insta-Stories

Historically, only verified Instagram accounts were the only accounts that could attach links to their Instagram Stories. Recent changes have now extended this feature to business accounts with 10,000 followers or more.

Stories are one of Instagram’s most popular features. They have had a huge role in influencing the brands that people are interested in. More than half of Instagram’s users reported that they were more interested in brands they have seen on Instagram Stories.

Story links are convenient for your followers, as they take you right where you want to go without needing to type out the URL. This exclusive feature gives you a whole new way to simultaneously advertise your website and create more engagement on your Instagram page.

Instagram users prefer companies that adapt to their tech-savvy shopping habits and are more likely to buy from brands that are easily accessible to them. By attaching links to your Instagram Stories, you can turn a new follower into a new customer within minutes.

The debate about which type of account yields the highest success has been ongoing for quite a while now. While some businesses have certainly had fantastic results using personal accounts to promote their businesses and brands, most businesses prefer to use a business account for their professional needs.

The exclusive features you get when you switch to a business account can really make the difference for a lot of businesses. The ability to see when your followers are engaged and what engages them enables businesses to make adjustments to their marketing strategies as needed.

In order to have a successful profile, it is important to keep these 5 major differences between personal accounts and business pages in mind.

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