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Epic Reportedly Removing Samsung Exclusive Skin From Some Players

Last year, Samsung and Epic Games partnered to have an exclusive skin in the famous battle royale game. The iKonik skin was only released for players who purchased the Galaxy S10 or its other versions.

The skin was given for free to the buyers of the smartphone but some players found other ways to get the skin. It’s been a while since the skin was released for the buyers but it appears that Epic Games is taking action against those who got it through other ways.

Reports say the game developer has started removing the skin from some of the players accounts. Slashgear reports that some players were using alternative methods to get the skin such as third-party sellers.

A few weeks back, there were reports that the game developer was removing skins and V-Bucks obtained through alternative methods. Now, reports say the game developer is doing the same with the exclusive skin.

Samsung Exclusive Skin

The iKonik skin is very rare now since the company decided to replace it with a new exclusive skin called Glow. The skin was made available for buyers of the Galaxy S10 smartphones as well as other Samsung devices, including the Tab S4.

Twitter user FireMonkey/Fortnite Intel, who regularly posts information on the battle royale game, posted a picture of a notification from Epic. The message says that an item has been removed from the account along with the name and picture of the skin. Reports say the skin is only being removed from the players who obtained it using alternative methods.

Previous Exclusive Releases

Samsung and several other companies have partnered with Epic Games to bring exclusive skins to the battle royale game. In some cases, the skins become very rare since the promotion ends or the device is available in some places. But that hasn’t stopped some players from attempting other ways to get them.

Samsung and Epic first partnered for the Galaxy skin, which was available for buyers of the Galaxy Note 9 and Tab S4. At the time, the devices weren’t limited but their prices made it difficult to get for some.

Galaxy Skin Release

The Galaxy skin went viral shortly after its release since people were going to tech stores just to use the devices on display. The devices shown by the stores allowed people to get on the game and play a few matches.

The skin was available when players played the matches after logging in on their accounts. Many players rushed to stores to be the first to claim the skin on the device. After a few days, tech stores around the world got a bit tired of people attempting to get on the devices to claim the skin.

In some stores, employees decided to put warnings saying that the game or skin could not be claimed through the devices. The Galaxy skin is even more rare now since it has not returned with other Samsung releases or the Item Shop, where Fortnite sells its skins.





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