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Venezuela: Maduro Confirms He Has Communication With The US

Nicolas Maduro has appeared in an interview where he talks about the communication he’s had with the US. The former president, who remains locked in a battle for power with Juan Guaido, made the appearance in an interview released by state media.

In the interview, Maduro reveals that over the years he’s had multiple forms of communications with the US. He also took his time to say that he is willing to meet with US President Donald Trump.

Trump has broken diplomatic ties with Venezuela over the moves that Maduro and supporting officials have made in recent years. The US now supports Juan Guaido, who stepped in as interim president of the South American nation in early 2019.

Guaido is recognized by more than 40 countries, including several in South America. The interim president has failed to win the battle for power so far. Trump and several other leaders supported Guaido throughout 2019 but Maduro insists that he will not leave power until at least 2025.

Maduro held an early presidential election in 2018, winning by a large margin. He claims he is the legitimate president after winning that election. But the opposition says the election is a fraud since it not only was moved up but also held without popular candidates.

Recent Sanctions from the United States

Trump has sanctioned the country several times since he took office. The moves from the US have been done to put pressure on Maduro. Back in August, the US announced a few other sanctions, including a ban that prevents US companies from doing business with the country.

The ban forced several companies to leave or stop offering their services. One of them was Adobe, which gave users just a few days to save their work before suspending the service. The service returned weeks later after the company was reportedly given permission by the US to continue operating there. The local baseball league and MLB were also given permission to continue working together.

Maduro explained that they’ve had multiple forms of communication throughout 2017, 2018, and 2019. He added that he has told the government of Trump that he is willing to meet and talk. The former president has said it before but the international community has instead responded by telling him that he must step away from power so that free elections can be held.

Maduro Talks About Sanctions

In recent years, Maduro and supporting officials have accused Trump and other US officials of interfering in Venezuela. The former president along with members of the PSUV party has repeatedly said that the economic and political crisis was sparked by the sanctions. The former president also talked about the economic war he says the international community started against Venezuela.

He accused the US and Venezuelan allies of stealing about $30 billion through the sanctions. He added that the ban has mostly hit them on the health department, claiming that they chase airplanes and ships bringing medicine to Venezuela.

Venezuela is currently in the top ten countries with highest inflation in the world. The economic crisis has not come to an end and the majority of Venezuelans now use foreign currency to make purchases. Among the most used foreign currencies there is the US dollar.

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