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YouTubers Face $6,000 Bill Over Dispute With Jukin Media

Two YouTubers are facing a bill of $6,000 over a dispute with Jukin Media. The YouTubers believe they are at risk of losing their channel completely over the claims that the media company has recently made.

MxR and Panda have a popular channel in which they post different types of content, including reaction videos. Reaction videos have been around the video site for years but the YouTubers are in a dispute with the media company since they bought some of the videos they have reacted to.

The media company handed them a bill for infringing its copyright. The situation has already brought up response and advice videos from other YouTubers.

YouTube has a strike system for channels that are caught breaking the rules. A channel receives a strike if a copyright owner contacts the video site and tells them that a copyright infringement has taken place. Three strikes against a channel could mean a complete shut down of it.

Reaction Videos

The channel involved in the dispute is MxR Plays, which currently has more than 850,000 subscribers and 743 videos. The channel has several reaction videos, which are quite popular on the video site. Reaction videos are videos in which people film themselves reacting to a music video, movie trailer, memes, and other content.

MxR and Panda, the YouTubers who appear in those videos, say they have received four copyright claims from Jukin Media. Google has not been notified.

MxR took Twitter to explain what was going on with the channel and the media company. In his tweet, he shows the charges that the media company has sent him. He mentions that one of the charges, which is $3,000, came from a single meme that contained footage from two of their clips.

Jukin Media Responds To Tweet

Three days ago, the channel made a video explaining the situation. In the video, which currently has more than 1.3 million views, they explain that they received a bill of $6,000. They believe the bill came because in the past, they have paid them about $2,000.

They believe if they don’t pay, the company could take action and get their channel completely removed with the strikes. They also mentioned that they do a search when it comes to posting videos to see if they are already owned by someone, but it is not easy.

Jukin Media replied to one of his tweets, saying they left a comment on the video and that they are making money off videos that don’t belong to them.

Response Videos Over Dispute

The channel posted the video on the situation three days ago but several responses are already up on the video. When searching for MxR on YouTube, there is at least two videos talking about the situation. One of the videos has nearly 500,000 views.

The dispute between the channel and media company is nothing new. In the past, several channels have received strikes and some now even cut out the content or turn off the music to avoid any problems with the companies and YouTube.




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