Thursday, February 2, 2023

Huawei Is Planning To Pre-Install Popular Android Apps

Huawei is without Google Mobile Services but the company is doing everything it can to deliver alternatives. The Chinese company has been working with other companies to solve that problem and now reports are saying that it is planning to pre-install the top 70 most popular Android apps on its smartphones.

The popular Android apps do not include Instagram, Gmail, YouTube, and a few others since the company cannot do business with US companies. The ongoing ban prevents the company from having the apps from US companies on its smartphones.

GSMArena reports that the new information comes from a closed-door presentation held by Huawei. The presentation was reportedly held for journalists from Eastern Europe.

Mate 30: No Google Apps

The ban has forced the company to look for alternatives. It all began with the release of the Mate 30 smartphones, which were the first to skip on the Google apps. The ban left the Mate 30 devices without popular apps such as Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube, Play Store and others.

The Mate X was also released without the apps and it appears that Huawei is preparing to have other major releases without them. Late last year, the company confirmed that the P40, which will be launched in March, would arrive without the apps.

The company recently made news when an official made it sound like the company would never return to Google services if the situation changed. The company later responded with some comments that made it seem like it would work again with Google if things changed.

P40 To Be The First?

GSMArena reports that the company is believed to be putting this new approach to action with the P40 smartphones. The devices will be launched next month and have been in the center of rumors due to the whole Google services situation and the specs that the company plans to offer.

Recent reports have pointed out that the P40 smartphones might be cheaper this time over the lack of the popular apps. But other reports have suggested that the company will offer similar prices from the P30.

Just a few days ago, it was reported that the company is working with TomTom on a maps app. Yesterday, there were some big news as reports said Huawei had joined forces with several smartphone giants, including Xiaomi and Oppo, to help developers bring apps to their devices.

New OS, Ban, Extension, and More

Huawei announced its very own OS last year but reports say the company will not use it on smartphone releases this year. The announcement of the OS came right around the time of the ban and the extension, which later ran out and left Huawei without the ability to work with US companies.

Huawei has several major releases coming up. The P40 is one of the most talked about but the company has confirmed that it will unveil a Mate X upgrade at the MWC event later this month. On top of that, the company is expected to launch a Mate X 2 later this year.



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