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PlayStation Player Celebration Gives Out Second Reward

The PlayStation Player Celebration started a couple of weeks ago but players are reaching the goals at a quick pace. Earlier this week, Sony gave out the first rewards for reaching the first goal of the contest, which was playing 125,000 titles and unlocking 500,000 trophies.

Sony revealed last week that the first rewards would be given out. On Monday, PS users began receiving system notifications about the rewards and how to redeem them. The first reward was an avatar and a PS4 theme.

Two Stages Completed, One More To Go

Now, PS users have reached another goal for the second stage. The second stage required players to play 375,000 titles and unlock 1.5 million trophies. The goal was reached in a matter of days.

For the second stage, players received five exclusive PSN avatars. The avatars include Ellie from the Last of Us and Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series. The contest is not done there, the third stage has a few other rewards if the numbers are reached.

Stage three has the highest requirements, asking players to play 675,000 titles and unlock 2.7 million trophies. The first two stages were completed in less than two weeks so this one will probably be reached as well.

Event and How To Redeem Rewards

The event was announced by Sony on February 18 and stage one started on February 24. The sign-ups were available right after the contest was announced. We’re not sure if users can still sign-up but the option was available through the official website.

The rewards from the first two stages have arrived through a system notification, just like Sony announced a few days ago. Once the notification is selected, players can download the rewards from the PS Store. For the first stage, there is the option to download the avatar and the PlayStation theme.

The second reward is the five PSN avatars, which are added to your list of avatars once they are downloaded. The three rewards don’t take up much storage so you shouldn’t worry about it if you have a 500GB console. The third stage has another PS theme, this one featuring some of the characters from exclusive PS titles.

Upcoming Contest

Sony has another contest coming up on March 17. It’s been announced that sign-ups will begin that day and that the prizes will be three, including a real-life PlayStation Platinum Trophy. The contest is separate from the current one but it does require the sign-up from the PlayStation Player Celebration.

The PlayStation Player Celebration and the upcoming event are one of the many that Sony has held in recent months. Earlier this year, Sony had the PlayStation Wrap-Up, which revealed a number of interesting statistics for players who requested it, including hours played and time spent on each game. PlayStation Wrap-Up brought several rewards for participants, including avatars and a PS theme.

Are you participating in the PlayStation Player Celebration contest? In your opinion, what is the coolest free reward that Sony has given out? Let us know in the comments.





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