PlayStation Users Reach Third Stage of Contest, Reward Now Available

The PlayStation Player Celebration has come to an end, with users reaching the three stages at a very very quick pace. A couple of days ago, we reported that users had reached the second stage of the contest. But on Monday, players started receiving the notifications of the final reward.

The third stage of the contest was easily beaten by the users who signed up. The requirement was to play hundreds of thousands of games and unlock close to three million trophies. On Monday, PS users received a system notification letting them know that the reward for that stage was ready to be downloaded.

PlayStation Player Celebration

The PlayStation Player Celebration contest was announced on February 18. The contest, which only required the sign up to participate, featured three stages, all with exclusive rewards.

All three stages required players to play a number of titles and unlock trophies. The contest officially began on February 24 but it didn’t take long for users to unlock the first reward. The first stage was reached in a matter of days and the second came shortly after.

The third stage seemed to have a much tougher number but players reached the goal in just a few days. All three rewards are now available. If you haven’t been on for the last two weeks but signed up, all rewards should be available through your console.

How To Unlock

The rewards are received through a system notification. All three stages sent out a notification, which sends the user to the PS Store. Clicking the notification will place a code to unlock the reward.

The first reward for the contest was a PS avatar and theme. The second stage featured several exclusive PSN avatars from famous characters, including Ellie from The Last of Us.

The third reward, which arrived on Monday, is a theme that features the console’s most popular games. The theme is a very cool one since it contanstly changes backgrounds between games such as The Last of Us Part II, Horizon Zero Dawn, and God of War.

The three rewards are downloaded through the PS Store. They are avatars and themes so they don’t take up much storage on your console. The notification says players have until the same month next year to redeem the rewards.

What’s Next?

Sony has already announced another contest for March. The upcoming contest requires the sign up from the PlayStation Player Celebration. But players don’t have to play any games or unlock trophies this time.

For the contest, users will be participating for a real life platinum trophy and other rewards. The contest begins next week.