Huawei Now Working With Qwant For Search Services

Smartphone giant Huawei has made another move to keep improving its devices after the situation with the US. Reports say the company has now partnered with Qwant to bring search services to its devices in Europe.

GSMArena reports that the company partnered up with Qwant a few months ago and that now, its devices in some markets of Europe will come with the search service pre-installed. The tech site reports that the markets with the service are France, Germany, and Italy. The service is available for all P40 devices.

The service is not limited to those devices though. People that are interested in using the service can visit the Huawei AppGallery and download it through there.

The partnership is among the several moves that the company has made in recent months. Back in January, the smartphone giant signed a deal with digital mapping company TomTom to have maps on its products.

Reports said at the time that the company was working on having its own apps with the maps, navigation tools, and information from the digital mapping company. The deal was reached a while back, according to a TomTom spokesperson who talked to Reuters after the agreement was oficially announced.

Huawei has been making moves since the US introduced trade restrictions against the company in May 2019. The restrictions have prevented the company from continuing its plans for its smartphones.

Restrictions, Apps, and More

The restrictions mean that US companies cannot work with Huawei. Google, which is a US company, has been forced to stay back during the restriction. The search giant is behind the super popular Android OS and the restrictions mean it cannot have its services on Huawei smartphones.

Recent Huawei smartphones such as the Mate 30, Mate X, and P40 have all arrived without Google apps, which are often pre-installed on Android devices. The apps from Google include Gmail, YouTube, and Google Maps. Reports say the company has instead decided to pre-install apps that are not involved with the restrictions.

The restrictions have left the Huawei smartphones without a large portion of popular apps so the company has made agreements to offer alternatives. The alternatives look to fill the absence of the Google apps, which are used by millions every day.

Google Services Not Part of Recent Devices

The most recent releases by the company, the P40 phones, debuted without them. The absence of the apps was not a surprise for the tech community and some customers since the company had already confirmed months before that they would not include Google services. The absence of the apps was confirmed again shortly after the launch of the smartphones.

Huawei has not ruled out the idea of working with Google if things were to change in the future. Reports recently said that Google is also interested in working with the company again. But everything depends on a decision from the US government. For now, Huawei is reaching more agreements with different companies to make its phones an attractive option for customers.