Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 To Get Variant With Less Storage, Cheaper Price

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 isn’t official just yet but the foldable phone is already a hot topic in the tech community. One of the latest reports points out that the foldable phone might have a cheaper variant when it is released at some point this year or next.

Last year, Samsung released the Galaxy Fold with just one storage variant, 512GB. That is a very good amount of storage but that also meant a higher price. But Samsung is planning to have more options for the second release, according to the information from SamMobile.

The tech site claims that the Galaxy Fold 2 will have two model numbers, SM-F916, which will have 256GB, and SM-F91x, which will arrive with 512GB storage. This would give Galaxy Fold 2 customers two options instead of one like the Galaxy Fold.

Less Storage Means Lower Price

The option with less storage is great news for the foldable phone since the company will be able to bring down the price, which was very high for the Galaxy Fold. It is unclear how much the difference would be but anything that drops it is great news since the technology is quite expensive at the moment.

The Galaxy Fold debuted last year with a price of $1,980. The price remains one of the highest for a foldable phone. The only foldable phone to actually have a higher price than the Galaxy Fold is the Mate X, which launched in China for about $2,400. Huawei has already released an upgrade of the foldable phone for a similar price. The Chinese smartphone giant is expected to release a second version of the Mate X later this year.

The Galaxy Fold, Other Releases

The Galaxy Fold is currently one of the few foldable phones available now. The foldable phone went through a rocky launch since the company was forced to delay its debut after reviewers found a few issues with the device. The Galaxy Fold finally made it to South Korea and other markets late last year, giving customers a preview of what may be the future of phones.

Foldable phone prices continue to be very high but reports have revealed that companies such as Samsung are planning to do everything they can to make the phones cheaper. Not too long ago, the company unveiled the Galaxy Z Flip, which features a different design and costs hundreds of dollars less than the Galaxy Fold.

More Foldable Devices Could Be Coming

In recent months, companies such as Motorola have joined the foldable race and introduced cheaper foldable phones. But foldable devices continue to be a lot more expensive than flagship devices without foldable technology.

The Galaxy Fold isn’t that old but the Galaxy Fold 2 has seen rumors even before the first device made it to the market. The Galaxy Fold 2 has been rumored to feature a different design and improved specs. Samsung has not officially unveiled the device but that is expected to happen some time this year since the company is said to be focused on having more foldable devices.