Xbox Series X Dashboard Could Remain Similar To Xbox One

The Xbox Series X will be making its debut some time in late 2020. Microsoft has not confirmed a release date for its console but many believe that it will arrive some time in November or December, which makes sense since those months are usually very busy when it comes to shopping.

The console itself was confirmed months ago by Microsoft and while it is rumored to be a lot more powerful than the Xbox One, reports say the company could keep things similar for the dashboard.

The dashboard is a huge feature for both the PS4 and Xbox One. Both consoles have a much different dashboard that has changed over time with updates. But Microsoft’s upcoming console could keep a similar design and theme.

The information that recently surfaced mentions that the next-gen console will be taking a lot of the things from the Xbox One when it comes to the dashboard. The company will probably not take the dashboard from the Xbox One and have it pretty much transferred to the Xbox Series X. The new dashboard will have some things from the Xbox One, which means people will be very familiar with it once the console debuts.

This piece of information could disappoint some fans since many of them are expecting things to be different. New consoles usually bring a fresh look on the hardware and menu. The Xbox One dashboard is solid but if this is all true, this might make some fans really unhappy since they expect everything to be completely new.

Microsoft has not confirmed the information on the dashboard but this is all interesting since companies usually go for a new look every time they release a console. The company could also bring a similar dashboard only to switch it up with updates.

During the Xbox 360 era, the dashboard saw multiple changes along the way. The improvements and changes came through updates. The look of the dashboard from the early 360 days to the end is quite different and that might just happen with the Xbox Series X.

The information on both consoles is starting to heat up. Earlier this year, the Xbox Series X was confirmed along with some information. The PS5 was announced shortly after and while Sony has been a bit more quiet when it comes to specs, prices, and other details, the company has its console coming later this year too.

A couple of days ago, Sony introduced the controller that will debut with the PS5. The announcement was a huge topic on social media since the controller is much different from what we have seen from Sony in previous releases. The company’s new controller has a different design and improved features such as a built-in microphone.

The Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 will likely debut around the same time this year. There are some doubts due to the current situation with the coronavirus, which has put a stop to the tech/gaming industry and part of our lives. But Sony and Microsoft have not said if there will be delays for the consoles.

What do you think about this? Would you be unhappy if it remained similar to the Xbox One? Which console are you planning to purchase? Let us know in the comments.