Samsung Galaxy Fold 2: Latest Price, Release Rumors & More

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is pretty much official at this point. The upcoming foldable device has been hinted by the company itself along with a new release in the Note series. The device, which is rumored to be coming some time this year, will be the sequel to the Galaxy Fold, which arrived to markets last year after a long delay.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 has not been unveiled by the company but there is ton of information and reports on the upcoming device. Since Samsung has not announced the device, we don’t know what’s accurate or what’s not. But analysts and tech sites have revealed some interesting information.

Price Estimates, New Variant?

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was released at a very high price of $1,980. The price ranked it among the most expensive foldable phones. $1,980 is a lot of money for a phone but it has been repeatedly reported by tech sites and analysts that the company will attempt to bring the price down.

A few days ago, analyst Ross Young gave a price estimate for the upcoming foldable device. He estimated a price between $1,780 and $1,880. That would mean a cheaper foldable phone but not by a lot.

The lower price has brought up rumors on what the company may do to be able to drop the price tag. For a few weeks, it’s been rumored that the company will drop the S Pen support. The report from Ross Young appeared to confirm the support but Samsung hasn’t really said what is going to happen.

There is another report in which the phone instead gets two variants. Last year’s Galaxy Fold was released with just 512GB of storage. The recent report explains that Samsung could go with two variants, one with 512GB and the other with 256GB. Either way, it seems like customers will have to spend more than $1,500 to get their hands on the Galaxy Fold 2. Samsung does have a cheaper option in the Galaxy Z Flip, which features a clamshell design similar to the latest Motorola Razr.

The variant with the lower storage would be a bit cheaper. Mr. Young estimates a price drop of $100 to $200 so this could end up being the price of the 256GB variant.

Release Date, Launch With Other Popular Series

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is expected to debut some time in July, August or September, according to reports. The announcement of the phone won’t be the only big unveiling from the company. Several tech sites report that the company has pretty much confirmed the Galaxy Fold 2 and the Note 20. The confirmation is said to be through a post that the company recently made. Tech sites say the names are not confirmed but the details are enough to guess that the phones are coming at some point this year.

There is plenty of information to be revealed by Samsung so we will keep you updated when there is more on the Galaxy Fold 2.