Sony Announces Temporary Suspension For the PS Store In China

Sony has announced a temporary suspension for its PlayStation Store in China. The suspension was announced so that the company could upgrade its security there.

The suspension was confirmed by the PlayStation China account on social media site Weibo. The announcement was made on Sunday and it was revealed that it is for a system security upgrade.

Suspension and Recent Post

The PlayStation Store in China continues to be suspended and The New York Post reports that the company has not said when it will reopen. The suspension comes shortly after social media reports said that China PlayStation users had been able to change to services in other places through a backdoor.

The country has restrictions when it comes to the video games available there. Several news sites report that the backdoor was reportedly being used in order to get past the government’s restrictions to download unlicensed games.

A few days ago, a social media user on Weibo said he had notified authorities about the backdoor. The New York Post reports that the post was heavily criticized and shared by thousands of video game fans in the country.

PS Store: Games, Themes, and Much More

The PlayStation Store has many stores across the world. Regions such as Latin America, North America, and Europe have their own store where users can buy video games, downloadable content, avatars, demos, and themes. The PS Store is available in all PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 consoles.

The New York Post points out that last year, only 13 new games were added to the PS Store available in China. The PlayStation Store available in other regions offers hundreds of games and lots of titles have been added in 2019 and 2020.

Sony is not the only one that rarely adds new games in the country. Nintendo’s latest console, Switch, reportedly offers just three games in its China store. The gaming giant started selling consoles there back in December. Nintendo is said to have a partnership with Tencent in China.

Restrictions On Video Games

China’s restrictions on video games include a requirement for companies to obtain a license from its content regulator before debuting any game in the country. Console games are available but the lineup is limited since reports say the country is looking to keep away violent games.

In recent years, there have been reports on bans for video games, including some in the battle royale genre. One of those reports mentioned that battle royale games PUBG and Fortnite had been banned in the country. Back in May 2019, Tencent replaced PUBG, which was being tested in the country, with an alternative version featuring a patriotic military theme. The popular battle royale game was not able to monetize until it received the approval from the country. This led Tencent to release an alternative of the famous battle royale game.

Sony has not revealed if the reports played a role in the temporary suspension of the PS Store in China. We’ll keep you updated when there is news on its return.