Analyst Says Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Is Coming Later

Reports have repeatedly said that Samsung will launch its Galaxy Fold 2 foldable phone alongside the Galaxy Note 20 on August 5 or some time around that date. But the latest report mentions that the launch date could come later.

Analyst Ross Young thinks that the upcoming Samsung foldable phone will not be available in early August like it has been rumored in the last few weeks. Young adds that production of the device will start in August. He thinks the launch could take place in late August or September.

The first Galaxy Fold arrived late last year after a long delay. The release was the first foldable phone of the company. But rumors of a Galaxy Fold 2 have been around pretty much since its debut.

The Galaxy Fold 2 and Galaxy Note 20 have been rumored for a launch in a few months. But if Young is right, things could be a little different. This might mean a launch for the Note 20 in early August and then the Galaxy Fold 2 in a separate event.

AndroidAuthority reports that the analyst later said in another tweet that the Galaxy Z Flip 5G will likely be released some time after the Galaxy Fold 2. The Galaxy Z Flip was released a few months back at a much lower price than the Galaxy Fold.

The Galaxy Z Flip features a much different design but its main attraction is its solid specs and price of $1,380. Samsung’s first foldable device, the Galaxy Fold, debuted at a price of $1,980, easily making it the most expensive phone from the company.

The Galaxy Z Flip is just a few months old but there are rumors that the company is planning to release a 5G variant some time this year. The Galaxy Fold 2 is expected to have big improvements, including better camera setups and the latest processor. Back in late May, Ross Young predicted that the phone will cost somewhere between $1,880 and $1,895.

The prediction is a $100 drop from the Galaxy Fold. But reports have also mentioned that the company might leave out one or two things to be able to offer a lower price. One of the reports has mentioned that there will not be an S Pen. Other reports have pointed out that the company could offer two variants this time, both with storage as the only difference. Last year’s Galaxy Fold only offers one variant that has plenty of storage but the phone is quite expensive, actually the second most expensive foldable device only behind the Mate X, which is available in China for about $2,400.

The other phone rumored to be coming some time in August, the Galaxy Note 20, is also expected to have the latest in technology. But leakster Ice Universe said on Twitter just a few hours ago that the Galaxy Note 20 will have a wide frame, flat screen, FHD resolution and 60Hz refresh rate.

He described it on the first post as a desperate specification since 60Hz will cause him serious discomfort. Other popular phones from Samsung use 120Hz refresh rate. He also mentioned that the Note 20 is a Note 20 Lite since the specifications are far from the more expensive model.