Chile: Man Gets Two Months In Jail For Breaking Lockdown Rules


A Santiago court has sentenced a man to 61 days in jail for breaking the lockdown rules that have been introduced in the country during the coronavirus pandemic. The man was accused of breaking the rules that have been introduced on more than 40 communes across the country.

Local media reports that he is the first to receive jail time after breaking the rules. El Mercurio newspaper reported that the person is a 27-year-old man who was sentenced after putting the lives of others at risk.

The man was detained on May 17 in the commune of La Granja. He was caught breaking the lockdown rules and authorities confirmed that he did not have any type of permission to be allowed outside. Local media reports that during the process, the man attempted to run away but was stopped by authorities.

Over the last three months, the Chilean government has introduced a number of measures to prevent the situation from getting worse. The country initially introduced a curfew but that was later expanded with a lockdown rule in several communes. At the time, those communes had the highest number of confirmed cases.

Lockdown Rules In The Country

The lockdown rules were eased for at least one commune early on but that changed after cases began rising once again. The South American nation has seen a quick increase of cases over the last three weeks, forcing the government to introduce more measures, including checkpoints in some locations to see who is following the rules.

The country currently requires resident in those communes to wear face masks and request for permission to go outside. Residents can only request for permissions twice a week. The permissions are now being requested by banks and other places before people can enter.

Other Incidents and Arrests

Authorities have made it clear that the permission is needed to be outside but some continue to be surprised without one. In recent weeks, local media has shown the arrests and checkpoints set up by the police and military.

A couple of weeks ago, authorities in Santiago raided a property in which people were believed to be partying. A group of police officers showed up to the property and confirmed that the people were hosting a party.

The party was stopped and more than 15 people were arrested. Authorities also seized alcohol and equipment that was being used there. Local media reported that one of the people arrested had been arrested before for breaking the same rules.

Coronavirus Cases In Chile

Local media has also reported of other cases in which people have been repeatedly arrested for breaking the lockdown rules. The man caught in La Granja is the very first to receive jail time.

Coronavirus cases in Chile started increasing at a fast pace in early May, according to Google statistics. The country now has more than 160,000 confirmed cases and over 2,800 deaths. 5,596 cases and 173 deaths were reported in the last 24 hours. The Santiago Metropolitan Region has the majority of the cases with more than 124,000.